Whatman Filters?

Need some help. the kits I purchased did not come with instructions.  

I Have already downloaded 5 different conversion instructions for Fina/Tren.

I probably got the last of some kits from a certain company that is currently no longer around.

With my kits came two “Whatman Filters”, one is “.45”, and the other is “.2”

All my instructions I have found so far online mentions .45 filter.

What is the .2 filter for, and when is it used?

As far as I know, they both have the same applications - except the .2 will filter more pathogens then the .45. The .2 will clog faster, as a result of that, also. Not sure for the fina, specifically, but you’re looking at being able to filter about 20ml per .2 filter. That, at least, has been my experience with test-e and EQ. There are a few fina/syno recipe threads around here. Run a search and check them out. They should help.

thanks, Since my kit is a 4G, then I will need at least 4 more .2 filters. those we can still get.

So when did they start outlawing these kits? Grief?

I used both on my first conversion. Used the .45 first then went with the .2 Had a nice finished product. Gained about 12 solid pounds.

did you use heat for steralization too?

From what Ive read I wouldn’t bake the final product.

Really don’t need the .2 filter either.

Also curious, I am assuming that all of you convert.

With kits being “outlawed”, can I still get BA, and the oil’s I need individually?

I have found whatman filters locally,

but the oils ?