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This thread is to talk about whatever you want, whatever is on your mind... just get it off your chest. Anything.

The screen on my phone is dying, how the fuck does that happen?!

I need to shave, but I'm a lazy bastard sometimes.

My pants have a hole in the crotch. The pants I'm currently wearing..at work

Last night I was eating dinner at Chili's, mine and my ex's song came on the radio. She's only my ex because she died.

Oh, and I just saw Lady GaGa's tits.


I'm tired, and my legs are sore. yesterday was leg day. need to find a job, been unemployed for over 3 months


3 months, huh? That's fuckin' terrible dude.


My gf has her period this week

This week I will be receiving no less than 4 blow jobs

I like when my gf is on her period


I'm fucking starving and I'm lazy too get up off this chair right now. Forget about cooking. I just started getting my eating back on track 2 days ago. Let me see if I got some spare cash to order some pizza.


I've noticed that all the cool hot girls live really far away.


I've noticed that too.

I haven't ordered food yet... Maybe I'll just eat Doritos, they're in the other room.


kodiak, i hear you, i've been out of full-time work for about the same period of time. it's a mean-spirited bitch out there right now too, seems like i'm over or under qualified for everything i apply to. does allow me to spend more time on my workouts and with my daughter though, which is cool.


Lazy fuck....but i respect that.


over 3 months? That is not bad! I have been laid off for over a yr with no steady income. However, I was doing part time contract/free lance gigs while out of work. But still it sucked competing for jobs with people who has more years of experience than you!

I'm tired, and my legs are sore. Yesterday was also my leg day. It sucks taking the bus back home after a leg day and when there are no seats.

I'm so fucking gassy....protein farts, ughhh!! I think my neighboring coworkers can smell it but blaming the fat dude for the smell.


Another unemployed bastard here...it's been good for training and surprise vacations, but hard on the savings and ego.

My brother in law flew us to NY for their grandparents' 60th anniversary...pretty cool. Spent a week on the lake fishing, and I got chewed up by mosquitos. I have a mystery bite on my ass that's 2" across.


Yeah, sorry about that...I just can't help myself sometimes...


I had the stomach flu for the past 2 days. Couldn't eat/drink anything for 36 hours. Lost 6 pounds.


It's funny cause my gf is on her's right now and so far I have had 1...2...3 bjs LOL.


We have cool gfs!! Internet High Five!


My gf is always ready, willing, and able..... rosie palm and her 5 fuckin' sistas playa!



i hate you both.


YAY! High five!!


I'm listening to Marky Mark - Good Vibrations.

That means, i'm literally the coolest person you're going to have contact with today.


I have a daughter who is currently going through the Terrible Twos stage. Yesterday she had a meltdown for 3.5 hours because she didn't want to be a cat anymore. No matter what my wife and I said to her she couldn't get it in her head that she has never been a cat.

Also, I haven't been sleeping very well lately because I've become obsessed with trying to understand cosmology and general relativity. I'm such a geek.

As far as BJs are concerned - I'm married now. No more BJs for me. But I do get my dinner made for me and my laundry done. That's something... right? Still, a BJ would be nice on occasion. sigh