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Whatever Happened To...?


kliplemet (sp?)




Posts occasionally under maxbm. He's posted some respectable totals in powerlifting meets. So he's doing well.

EDIT: Here's his last posted meet


Where did that live from the 781 go. Dude was pretty funny.


Klip's probably lying dead in a gutter somewhere in Thailand

and EliteBalla went out for a new pair of sneakers and never came back :frowning:

I was wondering the same thing a few days ago about Live, Bond


PGA? oh your back.


i was thinking about this too concerning some of the people i used to see post when i first found this site.

analog_kid, rainjack, nateorade, bmitch, angryvader, msm, zap branigan, nephorm, etc.


dude, live's been gone for like 5 days calm down


I wonder if any of you will cry when I'm gone


No, we're planning a party


Can I com..... oh nevermind

tear rolls down cheek


AV is still around, just not on the forums as much. Other people had personal problems and left the forums. It happens.


I'm glad Kiplemet is gone. He's probably the only person I eve disliked on the internet.

Bring back Livefrom781 and Angry Vader. One's funny and the other one had great tastes in movies.


Apparently eliteballa is a personal trainer now. Surely the apocalypse is at hand.


I can see it now -

"And now ma'am, we're going to measure your body fat. Please hold this shoe."


Where's BigBoss at?


LOL @ this exchange

But seriously, Live is one of the funnier and more straight-foreword members of the site, hopefully he's not gone for long.

Edit: i don't mind Rock, either. He's more interesting than most posters.


Thats just fucking funny. You cant make this shit up even if you tried.


I agree. Has a certain flair. Quite entertaining.


Ask ya mammy,fool..lol. I haven't posted a lot outside of Combat Sports and PWI occasionally. School,marriage,training,etc..has me pretty busy right now.


...like a skin tag on your eyelid.


Oh man. When I see those little things on people, I just want to clip them off with toenail clippers.


Someone should post a shoe in his comments section.