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Whatever Happened to Yulia Zaugolova?


She was that little Russian (or Ukrainian?) fox that was hitting some big lifts in the 148s a couple years ago. She was an IPF/RPF lifter- but based on her physique and her numbers, it was amazing she could pass a pee-pee test. I think I remember her squatting 600+ as a 148 or 165 and doing soem crazy training lifts- 370-ish raw bench off a one-board. I haven't heard of her in a while.

It seems like Russia produces a lot of these lifters that come up through the ranks quickly, blow our minds for a two or three world-level meets, and then totally disappear. (e.g.- the Solovyev brothers, Kutcher, Sivoken)


She wasn't good enough at passing a piss test. She still trains and posts at powerlifting.ru.


Two year doping suspension.



Well- I can't say that I am shocked. It would be cool to see her in the WPC should she get sick of dealing with the whole testing issue. She is arguably the baddest bitch in this sport at that weight- kind of like a small Becca Swanson.


Even still, I can't out-squat her and I'm 3 weight classes heavier.

Well, I guess we'll take bets on who's the next rising star of the Russian female powerlifting scene.


Failing a drug test in a tested federation is the ultimate weakness. I say she is the weakest lifter, along with all the others that fail drug tests too, and those who juice but don't get caught too. If they want to use steroids, then go to a federation that allows it.

Btw, russians lifters have the worst reputation, and it will take a long time to change the lifting culture over there if it ever will be changed.


I didn't say she was a great drug-free lifter. I said she was a great lifter.

Besides- I'd totally give her a glute shot.


This is a typical Russian ploy, juice up a lifter keep them away from competition for years then enter them in worlds, watch them win, then retire them from the sport to avoid failing a test.