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Whatever Happened to "Sex and the Male Animal"?

I never once boasted anything of the sort

Do I need to do a search for this SAMA? Yes or no? Is there an executive summary?

I’m pretty sure it’s purged from the site, but there were many glorious threads both in textual and visual format … If I’m not mistaken (and I’m not) there was a popular thread titled “Ass Worship Thread” that was pretty much just pictures of butts. Nice butts. That is, if I’m not mistaken (and I’m not).

But, alas, I do believe it did not survive the great purge…if I’m not mistaken (and I’m not).

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SAMA is dead. Kilt by the excesses of our western culture.
It is a lesson for us all.
We ain’t gettin out of this alive.
We’re doomed…
Have a nice weekend!

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Big if true … but if true, why not let us keep the nice butts forum??

Because, @polo77j my dear friend. Unfortunately we have taken a step back in time.
Should a thread containing pleasant looking posteriors, however random, may be construed as demeaning and cursorily cancelled by way of high-level protests from those inclined to do the cancelling.

We can’t put our hosts in that most precarious of position.
There was a time that the human form was allowed to be celebrated.
These days are over.
I am sorry to be the one to break it to you.

big if true, butt…

Though I wouldn’t be interested if SAMA came back, what’s astonishing is that it likely would have to be taken down after a short while considering it would invite people who say mean and politically-incorrect things that people are very sensitive to these days.

I don’t condone saying mean things, but it goes to show that up until about 2010, hardly anyone even cared about them much. There are even films, degenerate as they were, but genuinely funny, from the 90’s, that I don’t think could be made today without people going into hysterics!

I also think so much smut talk and posting was going on that T-mag was getting traffic from people searching for pornography.

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The human form can still be celebrated as long as said celebrator toes the Body Acceptance/morbid obesity line…

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I agree with all that you have said.

Imagine someone making “Blazing Saddles” today…



My uncle took me to see I’m Gonna Git You Sucka in 1988. I was eight or nine years old. Let’s just say we stuck out like a sore thumb in that theater. There was non-stop laughter. Imagine that coming out today? Or something like Revenge of the Nerds, with all the comical stereotypes woven into it.


I just heard that selected Dr Seuss books have been discredited due to some insensitivity.


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I have heard what you are saying, and I have also heard that it hasn’t happened, and is just a talking point of right wing politics to stir up their base. My guess is that some slight from an individual on the left towards Seuss did occur, but that it has been blown way out of proportion by the talking heads on the right.

Not sure what to believe. I don’t really think (maybe I am optimistic) that very many people are dumb enough to not realize that standards evolve over time and it would be outrageous to hold people from the past to new standards.

Even the Sneeches, because it advocates for a race-neutral approach.

I think they could bring back SAMA but you could only include butts of transexual women. Then they wouldn’t dare take away the forum.


“Not sure what to believe “

Totally agree

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Oh Polo you will be okay.

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Thanks Derek … you’ve always been my rock :grinning:

Man I have not pulled up this site in years other than to post my training log daily. I am on a job site doing physicals and was bored.

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Generally when and why I pull it up too … hope you and yours are doing well bud

Doing well my friend. I am an empty nest dad now, just got the last kid off the books. So I just travel the country running the business. I see you pop up on LinkedIn from time to time. I pulled off FB last Oct, too much hate on there.