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Whatever Happened to "Sex and the Male Animal"?

Where did it go to? Im looking for it but cannot find it!!


The hell are you talking about?


How could you NOT know about this? GeT wItH tHe TiMeS!!!

I get the feeling if I hassle you about this it’ll deflect from the fact that I have no idea what OP is talking about either.

Ehhh I’d play along lol

That section of the forum got axed at least a decade ago; can’t recount the exact year.

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Ahhh so he’s looking for the old timey stuff

I legit thought this was about to turn into some misogynistic type stuff and was ready to come out guns blazing.

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Yep, it used to be a T-Nation sub-forum.

Oh SAMA. I came after that, but from the accounts of it a bunch of stuff went down between various members.

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Why’d it get axed?

It met its demise I assume due to the contents getting too raunchy along with a notable influx of incels and virgins boasting porn actor know-how. There may have been other contributing factors as well.

I feel personally attacked


Rule number one. Don’t talk aboot SAMA…


The great purge!! Oh the horror :cold_sweat:

YeAh… things got ugly

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I remember it but it’s been gone for a long time

Were you a contributor to SAMA?

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The first rule of Fight Club is  You do not talk about Fight Club

one could say one could find a gingery viking in SAMA … if one could say.


@polo77j This is what you should feel personally attacked by.

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Shots fired

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