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Whatever Happened to Methoxy-7?


I've been away from T-Nation for a while. How come I don't see Methoxy-7 in the store anymore??


It’s been renamed Se7en.


Changed the name to “Se7en” and marketed it towards women.


There were two problems: one being definite and the other certainly seeming to be the case.

First, our product has not, chemically, been a methoxy of any sort for something like 9 years now. Or at least ever since I started working with it, which I think was about that long ago.

5-methyl-7-methoxyisoflavone, which everyone else sells, is a methyl ether type of prodrug of the active species, which is very inefficient.

Our compound is a 7-carbonate ester, which is far more bioavailable. It’s not a methoxy at all. But the name hung on.

The second thing is, it appeared that the “methoxy” part of the name had become poison due to actual methoxy products not being good and the market having long since come to a realization that they were not good. So why call it “Methoxy” anything when first it is not a methoxy, and second people – those not already familiar with our product – have decided they don’t want a methoxy?

As for why market it towards women, it was because the figure athletes we work with do so remarkably well with it. For some reason it is even more effective for women.