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Whatever Happened to Babes in Airports?

As an airline brat I can’t remember my first flight but I can remember observing from a very young age there’s a lot of eye candy in airports. I’m 54 years old now, by the way, so I’ve got a lot of years of observation under my belt.

I left bumfuck Harrisburg airport earlier today and couldn’t wait to get to my long layover at the next city. Yes, I knew it would be a long layover but at least there would be some “sights” in Chicago O’fuckingHare. Or so I thought.

I just ate dinner at a Chilis. I was in no hurry to wolf it down since I have no where to go and the margarita I ordered turned out to be a carafe so I had to nurse it over a long time. I was probably sitting there for an hour and a half, right on the side where the people walk by. In that time I saw one (Asian) woman I’d call highly attractive and she didn’t back her looks up with an ass. So, one good looking woman and zero nice asses. Also zero for zero since I’ve been sitting here at my terminal, which I am pleased to have found after the carafe of margaritas.

So, what the hell happened? This terminal should be crawling with babes and there is absolutely none. (No vault chicks or TN chicks coming through for sure).

Quick, someone get in here before Chris changes the thread title to “Sight Seeing in Airports”.

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Fly to international locations in SE Asia … preferably on one of the Asian airlines.

A few years ago when I was visiting Southern California I noticed most the couples I saw were asian girls with white guys. I speculated that the white girls were hung up with the attitude that the pricks should be attracted to them regardless of what they look like or what their attitudes are like. (okay, I’ve been here two hours and just now a BABE finally pass by just as I’m typing this) The Asian girls, on the other hand, step in and fill the void the dumb white girls are leaving.

My home town has a high population of Eastern Europeans, mostly Russian, and while my home town has a lot of really attractive women, the Eastern Europeans beat them hands down. I think they just value looks more. They take care of themselves better and they don’t try to convince themselves that sexiness doesn’t count