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What'd Everyone Get For Christmas?


i got alot of cool books

theory and methodology of training
science and practice of strength training
dinosaur training
and the westside seminar video package

i know it will take me years to understand half them but..
beat that!


Man, I got that beat. I don't have anyone to celebrate the holiday with, and I didn't get NOTHING. Beat that.


Well, I've been unemployed for months now (with no unemployment money) until last Thursday, when I got a $7/hour job (after being used to a $16/hour job in VA), and my wife goes to school full time and collects the GI Bill from the Navy, but I still managed to get to go to the Test Fest Seminar as my Christmas gift. I also got a $50 gift certificate to Walmart, a shirt and a pair of jeans.

And the 2 car payments are a month behind, but we've been able to barely keep up with the other bills and food.

Before I knew about the Seminar, I was going to get Sirius or XM radio, but that can wait.

Yes, I still think the Seminar is going to be more than worth it.


Supertraining + Parisi Speed School vertical jump DVD = one happy person.

I've only read the preface and the first chapter of Supertraining. Already it has almost been worth the money. Holy crap, if you don't have this book, purchase it immediately.


CT's "Black Book"

...among other things.


i got a climbing rope


Reservation for an hour long deep tissue massage. Fucking-A

Oh, and my parents gave us a new computer. Why the hell I didn't mention that earlier, I don't know.


I got a Burton Baron ES snowboard, salomon spx 44 bindings, 2 bottles of NO-Xplode, 100 bucks, 100 dollar gift certificate to American Eagle, some Hollister shirts, and a 1998 Ford Explorer. Gotta love having wealthy parents.


lol At least you're not in denial.

I got:

A book on The Beatles.
Trigger Point Therapy Workbook.
An Armed Forces Book.
A shirt and a hoodie.
Family Guy Seasons 1+2 and The Stewie Movie.



I got a homemade dragging sled, a bodybag from k2fitness, a machete, a book of Edgar Allen Poe poems and tales, an air pressure gauge for my car, money and gift cards, and two bottles of arrogant bastard.


I took out a personal loan to get money for airfare and ticket for Test Fest in DC.

My parents hooked me up ith $100.00 for Biotest supplements, and a nice long sleeved Nike shirt.



lots of clothes which I dig since I don't like shopping for clothes...plus my parent's put up the deposit and rent for my new apartment @ 2400 bucks/month which is freaking re-damn-diculous. Merry Christmas all.


An Escali nutrition scale from the rents and a polo from my cousin's family. I'm generally grateful for presents, and I don't even really care for them, or for holidays--the fact that we need times of the year to be "extra-nice" to each other is kind of fucked up, not to mention how commercial they are. But a skin-tight, pink polo with blue and black stripes is, and I don't use this term often, the gayest thing I have ever seen. There is no way I am comfortable enough with myself to wear this T-shirt, I admit it.

The scale is cool though. I suggest every nutrition buff buy one.


Aww dude just put it on, pop the collar, and be done with it.


Got what I wanted. Madden 06, books on Thomas Paine, Lincoln, and AL Franken's new book :wink: Also a couple of Guiness shirts, which is really what my wardrobe is limited too. It was a good one. Merry Christmas guys.



"13" by Nathaniel Lachenmeyer
"The Golden Ratio," by Mario Livio
"The Collected What If?" ed. Robert Cowley
1884 edition of "King Arthur and His Knights"
1947 signed First Edition of "Main Street Beat" by Henry Clune

...and "Myst, End of Ages" for my iBook, green tea, winter gloves, some EFA, Flax Oil, turtleneck, no-iron dress shirt, cashmere scarf, Chi balls, replica 15th century tapestry, iTunes gift card, odds and ends.

That's from the wife and in-laws; tonight we hit the good friends and godchildren's house, and tomorrow my family descends on MY house. Ahhh, the season of excess.


I got the "Training for Warriors" DVD. That's good enough.

Geek boy


Tickets to LSU vs. Miami (Peach Bowl)
Ipod Nano
Pull-up/Dip station
Apple Powerbook

and the cherry on top.........
Springfield Armory SOCOM 16


That is Sweeeeeeeeeeeet!! You had a good Christmas.


Good to have a sugar momma!