Whatcha Guys Think

What do you guys think about…throwing in a day of…well I work 4 times a week…ed coans squat and deadlift routine, and then upper body push 2x a week, and pull 2x a week. What do you guys think bout adding in a day strictly of just picking up rocks, putting them on your shoulders…walking around…and throwing them…and shit like that…and a little bit of maybe…attaching something to a rope…heavy…and pulling it.

.i dont know how good it is…what do you guys think…anyone else have any good ideas on other things to do…i just thought of sledgehammer with tire…but yeah…anyone else got any ideas, because I think that these are good to do cause it works the muscles that dont quite get worked during a workout…if that makes sense…and also…itd be done for bout 15-20 minutes only.

I don’t think I get what you mean. Are you suggesting:

1 day of Squat/deadlift
2 days of upper body pushing
2 days of upper pulling
1 day of strongman type exercises???

I think 4 days of upper body in addition to a strongman day is slightly overkill.

If you meant you would combine the push/pull into one session then maybe you’ve got a workable routine.

Who knows though. Why not try it and then tweak it depending on how well it works?

Oh, I’m already currently doing that…it’s my routine. I’m basically doing kelly bagget’s bench routine…and ed coan’s squat/deadlift routine…and kelly bagget’s routine calls for 2 push days, and 2 pull days…but my first pull day is my deadlift day…because all the same exercises are pretty much used so it’s all good. (ex. bent over rows, chins).

But i pretty much just wanted to do some rock training, sledehammer stuff…maybe the sledgehammer stuff 3x a week or something…and rock once a week…im just looking for other suggetions like this…cause ive only thought about the rocks and sledgehammer training…soo anyone else have suggetions about that kinda training I can implement?