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Last year, J.B. listed 4 “types” of trainees he sees (in decreasing order of frequency):

1)Those who gain neither fat NOR muscle easily.

2)Those who gain more FAT than muscle.

3)Those who gain both fat AND muscle easily.

4)Those who gain more muscle than fat. (I think J.B. was here).

I wanted to get a rough idea where the contributors to the board are. So…let me know the category you feel you are closest too , along with your comments. I’ll post the “unofficial” results. It should be interesting to see where most of us are! (By the way…I am 2…tend to gain fat much more easily than muscle. I REALLY have to watch my body composition closely).

This sounds like saying someone is a “endo-mesomorph” or “ecto-mesomorph”, etc. I would say that I’m a “endo-mesomorph” - someone who can gain both fat and muscle easily. Ko is a “ectomorph” - he has to work really hard for either fat or muscle gain.

Without a doubt…#2
With me it’s fat first, then a little lean tissue comes along with it. I have put on 5 lbs.(lean) over the past 5 years. It’s only in the last year that I have begun to figure out how to add the mass w/o the fat (with a little help from JB).
Some would say I’m rather anal, but I can’t/won
't allow my bodyfat to rise above say 7% (usually around 5%) at any time of the year. So I really have to be extremely precise with my intake each and every meal.

I’m a class 3 I can gain muscle and fat easily as well as lose it just as easily.


i started off at #4 when i was young, now i’m more like #2, but trying to change that.

so, i’m #2


yeah im definetely an endo-mesmomorph as well. (3) on my last bulking phase, i got really big, although i didnt give myself the nickname “fatboy” for nothing. plus, now that i am on my cutting phase, i am still gaining muscle, but the fat loss is slow.

2 tho I’m a noob who needs to read and experiment more.

I’m a #1. I was skinny my whole life until I started lifting at age 14. Lifting put some muscle on during my growth spurt. However, it wasn’t until I started eating a ton of food that I gained a lot of solid weight. I think a #1 also tends to lose BOTH fat and muscle easily.

I’m in the same boat as you, Mufasa: #2. I think that all “former fatties” fall into this category. In practical terms, I know that I just need to avoid straying too far from maintenance calories while bulking. However, with Mag-10, that rule has kind of gone out the window. Nonetheless, I do find myself wanting to cut more often than I’d like because I am predisposed to fat gain with a significant excess of calories. I’d be willing to bet that the majority of people here will be two or threes. Why? Because T-Mag is for people who want to get educated and knowledgeable. If things come easy for you (i.e. putting on 80 lbs. of muscle while doing tricep kickbacks and eating potato chips), then you’re not likely to try to become educated because you can’t imagine there being a better way than what you’re doing. That’s why those fitness professionals with perspective, and not just big guns, are the most successful. They know what it takes and, more importantly, how to relay that information to the general public, 99% of which is not genetically gifted like the ignorant personal trainers. Great post; can’t wait to see the results.

If I put on weight, it’s fat weight. If I lose weight, it’s fat weight. Seemingly, I can get really lean, but I can’t put on good size. 180lbs, 5 foot 6, 12% bf.

Number 1

I would have to say I fit #3 the closest. Though, I do fine on low carbs/high protein/moderate fat.

I’m not really trying to get big (nothing but singles), but the guys at work say I’m wayyyy bigger than I was in January. I’ve sprouted some little (LITTLE) lovehandles too so maybe I’m a #3.

Because of less than favorable genetics, lately I find myself becoming
a “mad scientist” in relation to my diet/supplementation/exercise

In answer to your question, Mufasa, I fall right in between choices 2 and 3.

I think I am an ecto-mesomorph. I’ve been training for two years, 21 yrs old, 5’6,
186 lbs, 8% bf (with calipers). I eat about 5500 cal per day sometimes more and in the past couple of months I’ve gained 7 lbs with very little fat gain. The only supplement I use is right now is creatine.

Body IQ, you can take this as a flame if you want to, but I do not understand anyone saying they have been lifting for five years and ONLY put on five pounds and then blaming it on how anal they are about gaining fat. I don’t get it, why waste the energy in the gym to look average? I could quit working out altogether and do that. Five years and all you have to show for it is 5 lbs all because you are afraid you may not be able to see your abs for a few months? I am so glad I never fell into that mode of thinking. I weighed 145lbs when I first graduated from high school and have been as heavy as 240lbs. I couldn’t imagine wasting my time like that.

2 here. Muscle is very hard to put on and anything more than moderate carbs and I start looking like the Michelin Man…Bip.

Ironically Mufusa, I would have to say a 3.5.
In this case, if I eat over maintenance semi-clean (i.e., not watching HIGH GI carbs and overall kcal balance over mntc.) I add both types of body mass around equal. However, If i get real technical and weigh and proportion every meal and know EXACTLY how many kcal over mntc I am with particular macros, I can slip towards the fourth category. So, again, I would have to say 3.5.
currently 5’11’’ at 186 full tilt and 5.5% body fat

BodyIQ to professor X.
No offense taken. Always willing to listen to all thoughts. Some years ago, I could put on 20 pds. and think nothing of it. Today, I’m not so sure that’s the way for me. Hey, if I put on 10 pds. (lean) over the next 5 years I’ll be extremely content. With the nutritional/supplement advancements that have taken place over the last couple of years, it is my belief that one can achieve a higher level of lean muscle tissue w/o putting on all of the fat. At the same time you’re looking great year round.