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What Your Kids Could Be Watching?

Channels like ABC, and FOX. This would question most Libertarian’s (even my own) general views. Pure driven exploitation, moronic.


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I agree, those channels are moronic, but we have free speech. Parents should use their judgement.

If your kids are watching something you don’t approve of, it’s your fault for allowing them to watch it.

The television isn’t the parent; you are. Take responsibility.

[quote]Nick H wrote:
If your kids are watching something you don’t approve of, it’s your fault for allowing them to watch it.

The television isn’t the parent; you are. Take responsibility.[/quote]

I have many Libertarian views, but I think you are simplifying this a little bit, not every case is of purely black and white logic.

Here is my issue with these channels, as far as private cable channels, and even most cable channels, then ok fine. But to put this on channels such as ABC, FOX, CBS during afternoon to primetime TV hours is just irresponsible. I am also looking at this through more of a filtered view, this is pure exploitive media driven crap.

Am I a believer in personal responsibility, you bet, but do I think that out of place (out of what many parents would know to expect) sort of agenda pushing television is just ok and should be accepted, because of some people’s confused view of “free speech”, free speech will always have its limits, free speech has its limits within any system, to a certain extent even in a fair system it is used to protect others…Can I troll here nonstop?

Should parents put on the SuperBowl and have to worry about a flappy tit (Janet Jackson) popping out? Free speech, how far? As far as movies, I am against censorship, but when free speech is simply just pure exploitation, well… I love how TV also loves to push agenda’s…I don’t think that “violent” video games make violent kids, I think that evil messed up kids would wind up doing evil messed up things, I am not stating that claim, at all.

By the way I am not a parent, but I can put myself in that place, while still maintaining a levelheadedness, at 19 I ain’t ready for mini-me’s

First of all I doubt many of this was during prime time. Also you cannot see a clip out of context and judge it very well.

But yes parents do need to control what their children see on television. They also need to teach them enough so they know the difference between entertainment and reality. We have too many kids thinking they are some rap star, wanting to get with the ho’s, when even the rap “artists” aren’t actually anything like what you see on videos.

Give the kids enough intelligence and self-esteem, and it won’t matter what is on tv.

Then again a lot of tv is written for an IQ level of about 63.


I can see how alot of that is taken out of context… I personally saw some of the shows (all of the southparks) and I can tell you that they are somewhat educational. The soutparks were all about how rediculous TV has gotten and how out-of-control “free speech” is. They actually do prove a point in their show. The one with the huge teen orgy was to show the potential danger of these parties, not glamorize them. Context is huge.

What’s this obsession with Jenet popping a breast on the superbowl. OMG make the kids run and hide, then apologise to them, explain what they saw was bad and evil. Make them get baptised all over again as their purity has been tarnished, then madatory prayers and sunday school to rid the evil of the human body.

It’s a big deal because we make it one. Kids lean this is wrong and shamefull by watching the reaction of the grownups and the controversy it causes. It leaves an indellible sp? Impression on them and how much shame certain body parts carry. Pure silliness to me.

Uptight people raising uptight kids and they don’t even know the’ry uptight, they see themselves as “right”. News flash, your kids will learn sex regarless. The later the worse and if curosity sets in before you educate and inform they’ll find out anyway on their own. And i’m sure you were all teenagers at one point so you must be honest with yourself tell how you first found out and experienced sex. I’m sure it was not on your honeymoon.
But hey, just turn a blind eye and let TV raise your kids for you, as far as i’m concerned i think it will do a better job then most parents whom are riddled with insecure, sexually opressed and hypocritical attitudes living their lives under the guise of doing what’s “right”…for the kids. Get a life.

Disclaimer: This is not directed at anyone on this thread.