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What You Would Rather Have Left

Evil ninjas got you and they want to remove one of your body parts ,
what would it be ,
your Dick
or your arms?

(Including your balls , no test replacement for it later :slight_smile:

Almost everything a human being is capable of is done through the hands, so I would keep the arms.

I sincerely hope that I never have to make that decision :smiley:

What is the deal with all these ninja posts? It is already getting old.

Go here to feed all your obsessions:

I couldn’t imagine life without dick and balls

But imagine life without arms. How would you wack one out

Unless someone is going to throw in a couple of sexmad nymphos for me to call on (speaker) phone in the middle of the afternoon, evening, night and first thing in the morning, I’d keep the arms and lose the nuts

I would keep my junk and lose my arms. Prosthetic arms are easier to use than a prosthetic penis.

But, what did I do to piss off the ninjas? This needs to be explored, because now I’m going through my head trying to figure out what I said or did to deserve this.


Ask them to remove the dick from your butt, cause this thread is gay.