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What You Should Eat By Frank Trigg

Found this article on the net by Frank Trigg, former UFC fighter.

All right people, listen up. It’s Thanksgiving and some of you are going to gore yourself beyond belief. Here?s the deal. You can eat healthy on Thanksgiving and you don?t have to change your diet that much. Look I know your family is in town and you don?t want to piss off your grandma who makes that crappy fruitcake that is harder than Dana White?s head. You don?t have to say no to everything and drink a protein drink. You don?t need to do that today. Just remember these simple things today when you eat for Thanksgiving.

Leftovers are always leftovers. There is going to be plenty of turkey left over, for the next several days. Keep that in mind today. Instead of eating it all in one setting just eat a series of small meals today. You can eat as much turkey as you want, just do it in small portions. Here?s the other thing with turkey. If you want to do the right thing, then take the skin off it. You take the skin off and you are already eating healthier today than you did last Thanksgiving.

Here?s the big thing. Stay away from the stuffing. It has a ton of carbs and stuffing adds the pounds. Just try to stay away from it. I know you like it, but look down right now at your gut. Most of you have a gut and that stuffing is stuffing your gut or your ass. If you don?t have a gut as you look down right now, you will if you keep pounding stuffing.

Here?s another thing you should stay away from if you can. Cranberry Sauce. The Cranberry Sauce you buy in the store is crap. You would be better off sitting down on the floor at Albertson?s and eating the whole damn cranberry than eating the store bought crap. Lay off the cranberry sauce today and you will be better off for it.

Mashed potatos is a starch, and here?s my question to you. Why the hell do we have mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving anyway? Our forefathers never pounded mashed potatoes. No one knows why they are there. They ate sweet potatoes back in the day, not mashed potatoes. What the hell? Sweet potatoes are actually fine believe it or not. Sweet potatoes are a vegetable. It comes from a root. Replace mash for sweet today.

Deviled Eggs always have mayonnaise in them. Eat the eggs; take the crap out of the middle if you can. Remember everything in moderation. If you have deviled eggs have one or two not eight. A glass of wine is o.k, not a whole bottle. Pumpkin pie isn?t good for you, but a small slice is ok. Just don?t? eat all damn day you fat bastard.

One simple rule today. Drink as much water as you can. Water is better than anything else you will drink today is. Here is the other thing you should do today. Get up early and go for a run. Hell Bennett is going to get up early and play his Turkey Bowl Flag Football game. He?s getting exercise in the morning, which is good. It?s good to be active before dinner. Start a new tradition to be active instead of sitting there watching football and pounding deviled eggs.

Show a family member how to execute an arm bar or something. I will have my dad lock on a rear naked choke. Maybe I can defend if from my dad. I don?t know. I will tell you Monday on the radio show if I had success or not.

Finally desert. If I have any desert today it?s going to be small. Like I said earlier a small piece of pie, isn?t the end of the world. Just eat small today and you CAN eat many meals. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. If you are going to eat meat today stay off Ham and eat Turkey. Ham has so much fat in it. Turkey is leaner meat. It?s like chicken. Stay away from Ham and eat Turkey. It?s the other white meat.

All right people I?m out.

He does repeat himself a lot. And for the sake of his future MMA career, I hope he defends the read naked choke from his dad.

Hey, I know he’s joking, but I’m not the one getting choked every time I step inside the ring.