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what you guys think?

hey guys my wrestling season is a week from being finished… going for my second striaght state title… but besides that… At the beginning of the season I weighed 230 pounds with a caliper measure of 21 on my stomach… now that the season is almost over… I had my trainer measure again and it is 15 on my stomach. is this a huge change? I didnt check the other spots. i feel more ripped … but i dont look too much more ripped. I must be gaining a ton of fat on my bulking phases. I am much stronger now than at the beginning of the season too which would make sense… i guess I just dont want to gain all that fat back after the season when i try to get to a whopping 250 pounds!

oh cmon you guys!

If I recall correctly, you are about 235 lbs. and 15% bodyfat. If you’re going to try and gain weight and your bodyfat is already 15% or so, you will most likely gain some fat in your stomach area first. It sucks but it’s very true. Where you lose it last is where you’ll gain it back first. Why do you want to be 250lbs? Is it for wrestling? If so, is it necessary to have a ripped stomach? Of course, if you’re in some sort of anabolic environment, then gaining fat could be minimized. By the way, it isn’t uncommon for trainers to make mistakes when measuring. Especially if they’re getting paid for it.

well actually its for football next year. im playing fullback in college and i wanna be a lean 250 bruising machine…

For football you say? Well then, why 250? I know you might be set on this number but honestly, bodyweight is not of huge importance for that skill position (fullback). Strength, speed, explosive power, and skills will make you a good player. Check out Davies articles if you haven’t already. And remember, if you’re going to be a fullback, you have to train to be one. Although your coaches might like the number 250, a stronger, quicker, faster, more explosive 230 lbs. would always prevail and win the job. Again, good luck with your endeavors.

thanx… at the same time im also trying ot cover the bases of being VEERY explosive and agile… youre right a 230 pound explosive guy would be better than a 250 pound just strong guy… i want to be a 250 pound explosive guy… see what im sayin? what article are you referring to?

mike Alstott isnt really know for being explosive… just something to think about.

mike alsott is my idle! id love to know how much he can lift and such

Ok, I really hate to play TEK here, but MAN you mean idol not idle!!!

actually thanx dude… i guess i knew that… i just didnt write it that way… thanx for reminding me… im usually good about things like that… and im sure its one of your annoyances along with my dots… haha but iw as hoping for some feedback… not for their theyre there bullshit! but seriously thanx

A lot of it also depends on where you are going to be playing fullback at. If it’s Big 10, then you’ll be used primarily as a blocker. In that case, the extra 20 lbs. will come in handy when taking on blitzing backers. If you’re going to be a ball handler, then you will want to be as agile and strong as possible.

Have you ever seen Mike Alstott play? Yes he is a massive fullback, but the guy has tremendous foot speed, lateral agility, and explosiveness. He’s not just a big guy. Same goes for Jerome Bettis. My point was that although size may be of importance, it will probably come naturally by working hard with the weights and eating good. Priorities for spencer, since he is already 230 lbs, might be speed, agility, explosive power before size.

as much as id like to run the ball… it will be in the big ten… just for blocking and the ocasional flat pass. But I figure if I do all my plymetrics and sprints and stuff everyother day… along with weight lifting… wont i keep down the fat while gaining muscle?

If Alstott is your idle you should practice fumbling often. Ten reps for 3 sets biweekly should help :wink:

haha… yeah i dont think he should be used as a main runningback… just like 12 carries a game… hes not one of those smooth jiving runningbacks,… just a big rumbling back like me. I dint know he fumbled a lot… that sux