What You Doin?....Massin


I am a long time lurker going back to 2007. I have been lifting weights for many years but, would do A LOT of long distance running up to 60 miles a week. A few months ago and suffered a pretty bad lower back injury doing snatch grip deadlifts, then I fractured my ankle, finally I managed to get in a minor car accident and thankfully only tweaked my shoulder.

I am finally back to 100% no aches no pains and have been getting back into my groove, gaining all my muscle back and making a few gains a long the way.

Height: 5’10
Weight: 180 Lbs
BF: ???

Goal is to get to about 200lbs and then compete but, honestly the eating is becoming a chore.
Currently eating 4000-4200 calories and I may have to bump it up as a few days I have woken up at 177-179 lbs.

Training: I follow a L/P/P 2x a week 1 day of rest
Diet: Anywhere from 1-2 g per lb, High Carb, Low fat

Any questions are welcome as they will keep me accountable.

13.7% - just kidding, but you are probably around 12-14%. In for the follow, get hyooooge!

Look into my training:

I typically set up my training in blocks that last 4-6 weeks the last being a deload before I restart a block. As we know volume is king when hypertrophy is the goal so, I add sets every week as opposed to chasing weights which will add “intensity” and contribute far more to fatigue making adding or even hitting volume goals an issue.


week 1: 10 working sets per muscle group RPE 7
week 2: 12 working sets per muscle group RPE 8
week 3: 14 working sets per muscle group RPE 9
week 4: 16 working sets per muscle group RPE 9.5-10 Special techniques may be used to keep higher RPE safe (drop sets, myo reps, etc)
week 5: Deload

Reps are kept in a range instead of a concrete goal which makes adding volume easier and allows one stay within the RPE scale much better.

-Strength Range 6-10 .
-Hypertrophy 8-12

Current Split/Exercise Selection. Focus muscles are hit first and with more volume.

LEG 1:
Front Squats
Front Squats

LEG 2:
Back Squats

Incline db
Flat BB
Upright Rows
JM press
Rope ext.

DB Press
Incline DB
Flat BB
Skull Crushers
Rope Ext

Seal Row
Pull ups
face pull
Hammer Curls
EZ Curls

V-bar pull down
Seal Row
EZ Curls
Incline Curls

Ending today with about 3900 calories 600 g of carbs. This eating thing is getting tough. If I do not eat every 2-3 hours I end up eating large meals that leave me feeling too full. If it were not for my cream of rice “slop” I’d be in bigger trouble.

A blender may help if you’ve got trouble eating

Or try to eat at a faster pace - get more down before you get that full feeling