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What You Do to Balance Your Physique

hey guys my chest, back and legs dominant my physique due to past training and genetics. I was wondering how you bring up lagging bodyparts here are my ideas: train specifically for strength on chest/back legs whilst specfically for mass on shoulders/arms??? or is it better to focus on one training system)ie strength or hypertrophy and just change the overall volume of my workout?? ie less total sets for the stronger bodyparts???

my current split is :
monday chest/triceps
tues back/trap/biceps
wed legs/shoulders
thurs off( cardio/rear delts/calves)

was even thinking of dropping the second chest day , and having a day to focus on shoulders and triceps?? thoughts???

appreciate the feedback

train dominant bodyparts less, train lagging bodyparts more

Well first, if your chest, back, and legs dominate, what is left, your arms? Abs? Neck maybe?

One of the best ways to bring up a lagging body part is to increase the frequency you train it at while keeping (or possibly even decreasing the frequency that you train your stronger muscle groups at). So instead of following your current split you could do:

Mon: Chest/tris
Tues: Back/bis
Wed: Legs/Shoulders
Thurs: Off
Fri: Arms
Sat: calves/abs/rear delts
Sun: Off

Or if you want even more frequency you could do:

Mon: Chest/bis
Tues: Legs
Wed: Back/tris
Thurs: shoulders
Fri: calves/abs/rear delts
Sat: Arms
Sun: Off

You could also select chest and back exercises that more strongly stimulate your arms (underhand grip on rows/pull down motions, close® grip for bench variations/push-ups to add even more supplemental stimulus.

thanks for your splits sentoguy, like the second one my body responds better to higher frequency lower volume so might give that one a try cheers

Sentoguy’s splits look good but I would advise giving each bodypart it’s own day. I understand it’s more common than I once thought for people to train legs and shoulders on the same day, I personally couldn’t do this just the thought of it makes me hurt. Give arms and shoulders a day each and possibly even up the volume and reduce the frequency for the lagging bodyparts, I know you said you respond better to the opposite but maybe these bodyparts are lagging because they are the exception…

Just me but i would train once weekly my strong parts, 4 times the lagging ones. I just started 18 days ago doing pulldown 6 days weekly and the results are good.
All the best !

lol jks dont have laggging bodyparts #geneticsbrah

no offense BHappy but your advice is horrible lol

Almost 100% positive that bhappy is just a troll.

OP, do you have any pictures of your current physique? Can you write out what you are currently doing for each day on your split?

While looking at your current training set up something jumped out at me immediately. What BP’s did you say we’re your most well developed? Chest, Back, Legs. What bodyparts do you train first/prioritize on your training days? Chest, Back, Legs. What BP’s are lacking? Tri’s, Bi’s Delts/Traps. What BP’s are being trained in a secondary fashion? Yep, you guessed it.

Seems pretty simple but if you want a lagging BP to catch up you need to focus on it. Prioritize those movements.

Good luck.

As most sensible people in here have said, train lagging bodyparts more often.

BUT. If you’re training biceps 3x per week, for example, you don’t have to train them to failure each time. You could have one day where you train them balls-to-the-wall hard, then 2 days later train them lightly, higher reps, stopping all sets short of failure by a few reps, just get blood in them and stuff. 2 days later, train them again, not QUITE going to failure, keeping a rep, maybe two, in the tank on working sets. 3 days later, repeat the process. Same idea for most bodyparts can apply. Or you can train the lagging part 2x weekly, in which case you may be able to go come close to failure both session, and still make progress. Wacth those joints though.

dont have pics of my current physique saving up for a new camera :slight_smile: but im 210lbs at about approx 12% bf. i use to train with high volume one bodypart a day with chest-back-legs-shoulders-arms standard split.

then switch to a lower voume higher frequency split outlined above. sort of gone back to basics keeping it really simple just few exercises im focusing on following a : legs-push-pull split(3day on: 1 day off repeat) something like this:

legs: squats, one legged leg press, quad extensions, hamstring curls, calve raises

push: dumbbell shoulder press, incline barbell press, side laterals, dips, decline skulls

pull: sumo deadlifts, pullups, one arm rows, seated rows, straight bar curls

my lagging bodyparts are triceps, deltoids so focusing on starting with shoulders fresh. my biceps are much better than my tris mainly because back is a strong bodypart(use to row as well)…

do you think a simple program like this is a good idea, do you guys like focusing on a few lifts focusing on good form through full ROM or do you prefer a higher volume split???

thanks for your help

note as an little extra note i also hit some rear delts/traps on my off days just for some more focus on the bringing up the shoulder area.

my main goals at the moment: add mass to deltoids and triceps