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What You Dislike Most About Lifting


Although I love lifting, one thing I hate about it- Loading weights. I work out at home, and it sucks not having any of those nifty weighted dumbells and having to switch all the weight from my squat rack to a barbell to do deadlifts..

Anyways, amongst all the things you love about lifting, whats something you DONT like about it?


Getting stupid over-use injuries that force you to take time off when you really didn't want to.


I dislike that results don't come quick enough. I want to be big and ripped NOW!!!!


I agree with this.


The fact that its possible for it to inflate someones ego as big as Tim Pheonix's.

Yeah, that and results arent quick enough.

And the fact that overtraining does exist.


Heavy dumbells on a decline. The setup is more work than the lift if you aren't training with someone.


people curling in the squat rack


The fact I can't train 24/7 and see results.

I wouldn't spend my entire life there, but I'd really enjoy several hours a day and more growth/faster.

It'd help cut back on my T-Nation time.


Eating enough calories. It sucks. I really don't like to eat.


Opposite problem ... logging all my calories. Being an FFB.


My response is similar to those who said results don't come fast enough.

As an FFB myself...not only do results not come fast enough, but it seems like any more than one meal that not's clean and I look like I haven't trained in weeks.

Shit's not fair...



I agree. I hate to admit it, but the hassle makes me rather use the Smith Machine than dumbbells for decline work.


In the actual lifting, I hate long rest periods. It's really a struggle for me to rest for more than a minute, and try to stay focused. Working on it though.


Having injuries that you cant fix, making you live in the past. Sometimes that gets to me.


Going throught the entire pre workout routine (Change, 20 min drive, find parking etc) for a short workout. Kind of a bastard spending 30 min in prep time for a stadium stair workout that lasts 8 minutes.


Now, now boys...it's a journey, not a destination.

If it was easy, everyone would do it. Consider yourself an elite part of the population. Think of how crowded the gyms would be if training was as easy as shopping for snacks at WalMart.


Yeah. I hate when I have to carry the plates all across the gym so I can lift with heavy ass weight. That's why I neglected DL. Much,much plates.


People in the gym who give you their unsolicited views on training, especially when they look like they would struggle to lift a wet towel.


I love lifting, but I hate the way it can sometimes fuck with my head, and totally psych me out.
Like when I walked out of the gym yesterday morning feeling like a total weak-ass waste of skin after a lackluster squat session.
Goes along with the results not coming fast enough to meet my own standards.


When someone asks how many more sets you have, then they watch you unload the bar, then they put back on the plates you just took off.