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What ya think of this routine..

I tried to create my own routine to last about 6 weeks based on my knowledge from here, its used to get good mass and of course strength, the only thing i’m not real sure about is the tempo, i want to get strength and size, so maybe i need a new tempo, anyways here it is, and as far as supplements go, what do you guys think of tribex, power drive and grow, all biotest products, please give me the truth on what ya think of them, and if it would be good for a beginner to use them, since i wanna follow the get big diet, i need to get grow…anyways here is my routine, feel free to edit it or give me a better one, any suggestions are greatly appreciated…
It’s a 3 day per week workout

Rest: 2 min
Warm up: Lazy man’s guide to stretching and a couple mins of doing something to get your heartrate going.
Diet: The get big diet
For the first 2 weeks:

Chins - 4 sets of 4, since i need to build up in chins
Squat - 2 sets of 8
Bench Press - 2 sets of 8
Military Press - 2 sets of 8
Barbell Curl - 1 set of 8
Deadlift - 2 sets of 8

Weeks 3 and 4

Chins - 4 sets of 6 or 6 sets of 4
Squat - 3 sets of 8
Bench Press - 3 sets of 8
Military Press - 3 sets of 8
Barbell curl - 1 set of 8
Deadlift - 3 sets of 8

Weeks 5 and 6

Chins - 4 sets of 8
Squat - 4 sets of 8
Bench Press - 4 sets of 8
Military Press - 4 sets of 8
Barbell curl - 1 set of 8
Deadlift - 4 sets of 8

Keep in mind that i only listen 1 set for the barbell curl, cause chins are considered an arm exercise also, unless you guys can think of something else, i just don't want to overtrain. About the chins, if that has to be fixed, feel free to mention some things. Please let me know what you guys think, thanks.

Don’t stretch before or during your workout, doing so screws up your muscles ability to contract forcefully, in other words you won’t be able to lift as heavy as you actually can. Stretch before you go to sleep. Warm up with your first exercise not with cardio. I would spread out those exercises a little and add more sets, 1-3 sets is not going to be that effective that, is assuming that this is not your first time working out. As for the chins, many compound exercises work the arms but they are not focusing on that group. For example, just because benchpress works the triceps, that doesn’t mean you are going to have well developed triceps. Keep in mind that with bodybuilding you are trying to hit muscles from many different angles to get full and balanced developement. With a three day a week routine I would be really surprised if you overtrained, I don’t think you have to worry much about that. You have good exercise selections, if your going to do a biceps exercise you might as well add a triceps exercise as well, skull crushers should work well.

lol, your kidding right? don’t stretch! where you getting your info. man, every magazine i ever read, including t-mag, says to stretch before, and i think it would be even better after too, so you don’t get injured, your limbered up, ok that sounds cool, i won’t stretch then ill go lift heavy and kill myself, ya that’s great, you have to stretch before you workout, why do you think all these magazines are stressing that sometimes the missing ingredient is stretching, and why do many people end up getting hurt from a workout, sometimes because they didn’t stretch before it, this is a shock to me, but coming from anyone else is this true not to stretch until before bed?? doesn’t sound right at all…

Perhaps I should stress the fact that you should warm up well before lifting, especially when lifting heavy. The reason that so many people get injuries lifting is because they have shit form, or they don’t warm up enough or both. Yes there are rare occasions when hitting the big weights a body part will bitch out on you and you may get a muscle pull. I have been lifting for quite awhile now and I have never had a problem, my flexability is good and my form is excellent. I research information I find on myself and I don’t EVER give advice on anything I haven’t already used in practice. If you were a little more meticulous in your research you would find that there has recently been mention of the fact that stretching before and during your workout hinders the muscles ability to contract as forcefuly as it can. A theory I tested long ago, there is a difference in the weight you can lift if you stretch before or during exercise. I am not some average bioch walking around the gym, I have the lifts to back up my information.

Johnny, don’t listen to that guy, he doesn’t completely know what he’s talking about. You should, of course, stretch before you workout, however…there has been evidence that static stretching(holding a stretch for 10-60s) before you workout can decrease strength levels. This is what Ian King proposes and it’s the only thing I’d argue about with him. What I do, not what you SHOULD DO but what you SHOULD TRY, is dynamic stretching where you ease into a stretch, briefly hold it, then relax and repeat up to 10-15 times depending on how you feel. First hold the stretch for a second then work you’re way up to a 4-6s hold. Try both styles and see which one you like. Oh and before you stretch you should always do 3-5m of some type of cardio, do get your blood moving and to lubricate your joints.

Anyway, about your workout, are you doing all these exercises on one day? Big no-no. I don't see any workout "a" or workout "b" so I'm just assuming. What you have planned will probably burn you out. You're doing all the big lifts each day and three times a week! By the time you get to deadlift you're gonna be trashed unless you bitched out on the first exercises. I know you say that the only other thing you did for legs was squats but if you wanna get stronger then you lift heavy and it taxes your muscles as well as your nervous system which has only so much to give. Try it your way and two things will happen: 1)You lift heavy and when the big DL comes you got nothin, then two days later you gotta come back and do it ALL again, I smell overtraining; or 2)You punk out on the early lifts saving yourself for the end, six weeks later you're only lifting five more pounds and you haven't gotten any bigger, then bring on weeks 7-12, probably won't be looking forward to it too much. Sigh.

So you're asking yourself what to do. I would suggest planning a two phase, 8-10 week workout and assessing the results. Phase 1 will be aimed at hypertrophy, by doing higher reps, slower tempo and hitting each muscle by two or more joint angles. Phase 2 will be for strength, each workout will basically have 2-4 exercises, 3-6 reps, faster tempo and more sets. So how do you get this workout, well it's right in front of ya. For phase 1, do phase 2 of Ian King's "12 weeks to super strength" exactly as written, it should be just the ticket. I gained 10 pounds on it and absolutely loved it. For phase 2 I'd say the first phase of Poliquin's "Training with Maximal Weights", the 5x5 workout, but I'd suggest some modifications since you sound new. Chest/back day, just do bench and pull-ups(do eccentrics if you can't do 'em for real) with 3m rest. Arm day, drop the second two exercises and do some type of shoulder press before you do the arms you didn't drop. Leg day, after the 5 sets do a burnout set then just calves and shrugs. Also do a 401 tempo and feel free to take up to three minutes of rest.

Lastly, only go all out on the last 2 or 3 of the six workouts, so you continue to progress. Well that's it, let me know what you think. Oh and I just spent 20 minutes of my life to help you out, please don't just blow this off, I'm a personal trainer and if someone hired me to get them size and strength in 10 weeks, this is almost exactly what's I'd give them.

This seems a little conservative for training. Don’t be so afraid of overtraining, it can actually be used to gain mass and strength. The 2 best training systems ever created are the original Heavy Duty system, and Big Beyond Belief. They pack on mass FAST, just be careful on Heavy Duty because it’s easy to get hurt so you want to spend a good amount of time. The best tempo, in my opinion, is a fast as you can (balistic reps) without letting your form slip. Grow! and Power Drive are good products but when it comes to tribulus I like Methoxygen. Use Ribose-C too for increased ATP.