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What Would Your *Tweet Tweet* Be?


I'm a pretty man


"Where all the white heifers at?"


My beard is better than your beard.


Seriously though, I've seen other forums where the members are allowed to put whatever bullshit quote or gif or motivational successory statement in their posts and it's all fucking sorts of distracting.

I don't want TN to get that way.


Bears are known to make roaring sounds, for me om nom nom might be more appropriate.


A couple of icons right there. I am honored to be counted among them


Greg I would seriously send you a check if you wore the Borat bathing suit for Halloween with video and picture evidence.


rape pillage plunder


How big of a check are we talking about here? Don't test me.... :slight_smile:

I was already planning on being Ricky Bobby for Halloween and wearing a white motorcycle helmet and some tight whiteys but I could change that up...


Aw shucks, AC. You are the best. :wink:

Yours would be "cluck mo'fuggin cluck" (that's my most fiesty chicken imitation)


Now hold up a minute here...


:slight_smile: God that sounds horrible. I dont know if our friendship has reached that level where I am actually contemplating sending you money to see you in a gay outfit.

I may need to rethink this.


@Edgy. Just kiddin, you can have that one.

"God, glory and gold."


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Um...thanks but mine said the same as yours, just used different words is all~


"Gig'em" would be too cliche. How about:

"You son of a motherless goat"


I've always been partial to: "But I'm feeling muuuch better now"


Night Court FTMFW!!!



Relax, there's room enough here for two winged posters. I mean let's be honest about why this thread was started :D.

oh yeah

fap fap


Fuckin GEM.