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What Would Your *Tweet Tweet* Be?


I'm sure we all know The Bird (the guy with the soccer player avatar) who signs every post with
Tweet Tweet

In his quest for notoriety he has made, what in his mind I'm sure he think is quite clever, a play on his screen name by "tweeting" like a bird at the close of every post he writes.

We've ridiculed him, begged him to stop, threatened him with bodily harm, etc... yet the tweets still persist (gotta give the guy credit for his moxy).

So in the interest of parody and entertainment I bring the following question to the forum:

What would YOUR Tweet Tweet be?

I'm sure a few examples are in order here.

Iron Dwarf's obviously would be Heigh-Ho Heigh-Ho after the Seven Dwarfs.

PMPM's would be CRASH!!! after dropping 500lbs (or whatever weight we all wish WE were dead lifting)

PushHarder's would be Bang Bang after the sound of the headboard of whatever hawt chick he's currently nailing hitting the wall.

Dasher's would be CRACK! because she's named after one of Santa's reindeer and that's the sound of his whip smacking across that fine ass of hers... <<>>

White flash would be Woof Woof cuz of his dog avatar... You guys get the idea.

Mine would probably be either CLUCK! CLUCK! <<>> OR the Chicken Fucker! BAKAAWW! ala team RamRod (see attached link)

So, ladies and gentlemen, esteemed (and infamous) members of T-Mag... What's YOUR Tweet? What would be a good one for someone else?

Let's have a little bit of fun at The Bird's expense, shall we?


Is it too late to claim, "hey, hey, hey!" or "did I do that?"?




I just thought of "Whatchootalkin'bout, Willis" all on my own.

No one will see that coming.





^damn it!!

They stole it.



I assume mine would probably be "Suck a dick" or something along those lines.

You know... 'Here's my post and point of view and all my thoughts, but just in case you don't like it... suck a dick.'


He missed one just the other day:


^ Shocking....


Might bring back



Someone should use

twat twat


I've been signing replies to birdy with

burp fart




You forgot your picture.


It was the very first thing I thought of when I opened the thread...

I feel so cliche...

You have to imagine the cockney accent.



"With Great Mustache Comes Great Responsibility"


Princess Angelina Contessa Louisa Francesca Banana Fanna Bo Besca the Third



Loved it.


These guys both agree.