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What Would You Tell Your 20 Year Old Self?


All sports scores from last 22yrs…Id be like Biff from back to the future 2 except much more handsome & not a douche…ok yea Id be a huge douche


My 20-year-old self made a lot of mistakes, but I can’t regret leaving college and joining the Navy or marrying my first wife, because I got 3 awesome kids out of it. All of that made me who I am today, and I’m pretty happy now.

If I could talk to my 34-year-old self, though, I would be all ‘DO NOT MARRY HER! RUN, DO NOT WALK, AS FAR AWAY FROM HER AS POSSIBLE. SHE IS POISON TO YOU AND YOUR KIDS!’

Okay, maybe there’s still a little lingering bitterness there…

  • Don’t go to college for that girl. Just don’t do it. You never use your diploma, she never gives you a chance, and it got you in a bunch of debt which brings us to point number two
  • Make a plan to start paying off your debt and stop spending money you don’t have
  • Stop looking for flaws in girls just so you have an excuse to not give them a chance. Nobody’s perfect and also nobody gives a shit who you date
  • When a girl texts you at 12 at night saying “she’s bored” go help her be not bored don’t send her a list of movies she could watch. Idiot
  • Don’t stop lifting for strength. Training for aesthetics is fun and abs get you attention but you get way more fulfillment out of chasing numbers
  • Stop trying to correct everyone. It’s annoying and things aren’t as black and white as you think they are


Alternate hands when you’re jerking off. Your near 40 year old right shoulder will thank you.


Go travelling asap
Dont waste money on cars


If only I’d known, I wouldn’t have the one mutant forearm that is riddled with arthritis.


Get a college degree in something that will pay the bills. No one can repossess your education. If you go the trade route (plumbing, etc.) learn it well enough to supervise others and then open your own business early in life - even if it’s just you and another buddy. You will have to become a salesman of your business and talent - unless you got rich relatives. The alternative to this is having all your work go to make someone else well off.