What Would You Suggest for Insomnia?

I take about 400mg of magnesium every night (citrate, glycinate keeps me waking up).

I ordered some L-trytophan to try too.

The characteristic thing about my insomnia is waking up too early, feeling way too ready to conquer the day (even though my Whoop band says I’ve slept like 5 hours), then crashing around the time it’s ready to go to work. Sounds stupid, but I often lay there just thinking “yo body in 2 hours you’re gonna be tired so stop pretending you’re awake!”

What else can I try?

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I don’t mean to sound pessimistic, but not even benzodiazepines have fixed it for me.

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Those things are trash.

What do you do in those 2 hours?

It could be you just do not want to get ready for work. I can not tell you how many times I did not want to go to school or work because I was sleepy/tired but, minutes after I decided to miss either I would be wide awake.

I would often feel great until I got into the parking structure then I felt like I was dragging.

Look for possible allergens in your dietary choices: Dairy, wheat, corn, oats, nuts, sugar, beans. Eliminating Dairy, most grains and beans eliminated my sleep problems.


I’ve suffered quite a bit from the same issue. Lately I’ve just gotten up as soon as my body wakes me up and have gone with it. That particular day might be a grinder, but I end up sleeping fine that night and sleeping through until I’m supposed to.

Also, you might not need 8 hours of sleep. I get groggy as balls during the day and then can’t fall asleep at night if I consistently get 8 hours. I do best on 6.5-7 hours and find that I wake up at the right time and get tired at the right time at night.

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The z-drugs almost make me more awake. My sleep Doctor is shocked ha

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Hm didn’t think of this. I used to not eat dairy but pretty sure my sleep sucked then too. Same when I ate gluten free.

That’s the hardest part. I function SO much better on 8-9 hours of sleep. It’s like a new lease on life.

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This is exactly my wife’s problem. Usually she does best if she sucks it up for the one day and gets up when she wakes up, then she’s back on track. It’s a sacrifice play where ya deal with one bad one and get a few more good ones in return. Sleep karma?

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I feel you. If I take three 2.5 mg pills of lorazepam I will sleep. Unfortunately it’s not sustainable, and half a pill (the lowest dose I can take) doesn’t do it.

If you guys find a solution, by all means lemme know.

How close to bed to you eat? I started eating 60 grams of buckwheat before bed after this,

and now sleep soundly throughout the night

Look at your sleep hygiene first if you haven’t. Consistent bedtime, dark, quiet, no electronics before bed, ets.

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Theanine works good for me.

NICE! Great to hear.

Were you dairy and gluten free at the same time? Either one is problematic for me. Also, I tried gluten free foods with corn or oat and they kept me up too, as did beans. If I chose gluten free, I won’t use it if it has corn starch or oat fiber in it.

Yeah look at the foods you eat at your final meal of the day. Also up your water intake early in the day(far enough from bedtime that you dont have to get up to whizz)

Anyway, these can work especially last two. Like he says start off with half doses…

Z12 works, at least it does for me. Take as few as you can get away with. But three is the money number for me. Just don’t take it all the time.

I take CBD oil, valerian root, and time release melatonin before bed. I keep a glass of water with more valerian root, melatonin and sometimes the theanine on the nightstand to take if I wake up in the night. Starting CBD oil was the biggest game changer for me.

I am considering trying CBD oil too. I want to do some research on the possible side effects before trying it out though. It’s also really expensive here.