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What Would You Spend Your Money For?

Hey there!

I’m from Europe and new to this forum. I have been training for almost my entire life and now thinking about making a living out of it or at least doing some business related to bodybuilding. As trends tend to be generated in the US I thought about asking you guys, what you would spend your money for bodybuilding-wise? I played with the idea of opening my own gym or doing something related to supplements or BB-clothing. -Not sure about these ideas now.

Would appreciate if you could help me doing a little brainstorming over it or tell me something about current related trends in the US.
Any idea is appreciated!


p.s.: English is not my mother tongue, sorry if there are spelling/grammar mistakes.

You could do gay for pay.

Shake weight gym

And coffee bar.

Dont forget that Americans love coffee

What is your background? People don’t up and start making supplements for the hell of it.

What about “bodybuilding” attracts you?

and most importantly what are you good at?

I would think that a Planet Fitness franchise would be a winner in England.

Open a company to represent bodybuilders and fitness models on the European competition circuits. Basically, operate within and corner the same markets FMG (Fitness Management Group) has in the U.S…

Crossfit type gym? Not sure if that has made it big to Germany yet. If you want to have a cool place to workout but not make money or possibly lose money then go with bodybuilding gym. Planet fitness isn’t a horrible idea either for money making. The popular gyms are ones that focus the most on everything but working out, this means nice locker rooms, spa type stuff, juice bar, classes for all fitness levels, basically anything you hate.

I hate to say it but something crossfit related.
For example as far as I’m aware there are no high quality crossfit gyms in upmarket central london. At a recent invitational there $40,000 of branded crossfit gear was sold in fthirst 2 hours.

I would be thinking crossfit as well, but anything you decide on would need more market research on where you intend on starting. For example, London vs. Germany vs. France will all have very different needs. The easier thing to do would be to just open some sort of franchise: planet fitness, some sort of crossfit, Grazie MMA, etc.

Old people are starting to do crossfit here in the states, so it’s becoming more mainstream. I would think that may indicate it’s beginning to peak, but there’s no TV shows or anything about it.

[quote]Derek542 wrote:
Shake weight gym[/quote]

Don’t you own one of these?

Become a Defranco Affiliate. I bet that would do well.

[quote]dmaddox wrote:

[quote]Derek542 wrote:
Shake weight gym[/quote]

Don’t you own one of these?[/quote]
Not only do I own when I am a member

[quote]Derek542 wrote:

[quote]dmaddox wrote:

[quote]Derek542 wrote:
Shake weight gym[/quote]

Don’t you own one of these?[/quote]
Not only do I own when I am a member[/quote]