What Would You Rather Have?

Another interesting poll from our Instagram. What would you choose?

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Gym membership. I like working out away from home. I’m motivated more by the camaraderie of the fellow gym members. I can get a spot if needed and have other people to ‘push me’ to be stronger and fitter.


Agreed. I have a pretty good home gym, and have basically not used it now that gyms are open.

I think I am far more externally motivated than internally. Could be part of why I like to go to a specific type of gym with people doing things I want to be able to do.


Considering I’ve put like 10k into a home gym…


We don’t know each other but its funny, the first person I thought of about the home gym was @T3hPwnisher. I’ve seen your videos and its a very impressive set up. I bet it cost a pretty penny and you’re obviously not lacking in motivation.


There’s almost no amount I wouldn’t pay to NOT deal with humanity, but as far as cost justification goes, I’m pretty sure I need to workout everyday for the next 417 years to pay it off…

I love the origin story though: I had JUST written up a conjugate program based off this very article

I was ALL set to tear into it, headed to my gym…and found a sign on the door that said “We are closed for renovation for the next 2 weeks”. Totally unannounced. 2 days prior, I was all jacked up from watching Derek Poundstone just BARELY lose to Mariusz in World’s Strongest Man '08, and was clanging and banging a set of deadlifts when someone complained to the front staff and I had gotten a firm talking to, so this was the last straw.

I went home, got on newyorkbabells (the website STILL looks the same as it did back then, and it was shady looking then), ordered a cheap power rack, went to Play it Again Sports, bought a used 300lb olympic barbell set, took an old bench I found on the side of the road that said “free” on it, turned the uprights backwards and did a max effort good morning workout, followed by front squats and an ab circuit.

I miss those days…


Well it depends on the home gym set-up hehe… if you can have one like Marcus Filly then I’m in

I’ll take the free gym membership for life.

I will still train at home.

Somedays I wish I had a couple of spotters while squatting. I’d hit my free gym every few months.

Free gym membership for life.

I am a social butterfly.


I don’t think I can answer this one. Definitely the toughest one so far.

I accumulated some basic equipment during lockdowns and just couldn’t stay disciplined. Part of going to the gym and having that hour or two in that environment, I know what i’m there for and I have people there I enioy seeing. I look forward to it. It’s my escape.

But with that said, my mind often wanders to having the space and a fully kitted out home gym. It feels like a dream or an ambition… but i’m not sure how much it would benefit me. Would I train smarter? Would I train too much? Would I not use it at all?

I know training is an individual mindset thing, but even as a person that’s introverted in all other areas of his life, I think I need people around me that are on the same path. Whether I could work around that by letting a couple of people into this hypothetical home gym I have no idea. The people I’d invite would be people I met through getting out of the house to go work out though… I dunno.

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Can I opt for a bigger garage with Air Conditioning before choosing Free Home Gym Setup? (I already have like $6500 invested in a home gym, but happy to let some gracious soul double that investment for mee)


Free home gym for sure. All of my family and friends are invited as well. Love getting to just walk to the garage and get a lift in by myself.


Home gym with all of the old nautilus equipment, every piece :laughing:

Home gym. I just need a bigger building with climate control and a couple more toys.

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You folks wanting climate control are missing the benefit of the home gym!

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And you are clearly missing out on the 109 degree heat after the sun has gone down :joy:

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Don’t you believe it…

You can watch the sweat accumulate as I go!

But it’s the HUMIDITY that’s the real killer…I remember when that axle used to shine!

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Yeah, I’m not debating that humidity makes things worse… I’m saying that you aren’t in the belt of infernal hell-heat currently, so it’s much easier to disregard AC where you’re at (not downplaying your resolve either, I’m sure you would train the same where I live too - but you might be more interested in AC in that scenario). Meanwhile, where I’m at - using a barrel fan with 100deg+ just turns the garage into a low-temp air fryer.

If I had to choose funding to go to either AC or more gym toys currently, the answer is AC because exertion headaches and guarenteed dehydration aren’t as fun as they sound.

The heat index is regularly 110+ in the summer, which is when I perform my “Monument to Non-Existence” workout with the garage door closed. It’s a weird flex I’m pulling here, but I’ll pull it. It is STUPIDLY hot, haha. I similarly remember when it was 116 while I was in Alabama and I learned what it’s like to NEVER stop sweating…