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What Would You Rather Be - Pilot or SAR?


Was having this conversation with a friend.

You can either be a helicopter/plane Search and Rescue pilot (Officer only)
Be a Search and Rescue Technician. (Non-Commissioned Members only)

Assuming you have a university degree so the officer category is open to you.

Pilot here excludes any f-18,22 or whatever. We are talking strictly tactical helicopter, transport or SAR.
You are a pilot (officer), you are paid very well, your job is to fly multi million dollar machines. You spend a large part of your day planning and doing paper work as well.
The job you possess is coveted by many and experienced by few. You are away for several months at a time. Social life practically non existent. Requires tremendous dexterity and know how.
video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ake0y9dbN0


You are a Search and Rescue Technician. The physical and mental requirements are on par with those of special forces. You will become an expert in the field of forest, arctic, marine, mountain, and other, survival. You will be a jump master, diver and fully certified paramedic.
You go into some of the harshest, dangerous, most desolate areas to rescue those in distress.
You spend your days training and saving lives. You are constantly on call. Your social life is practically non existent. You are search and rescue only. There is no combat perspective to it.
You are also confined to your country. You need to be fearless and selfless.
video: http://www.forces.ca/html/index.aspx?m=0〈=en&sid=81&sm1=2&sm2=0&content=81&video=high&jId=131&full=1

Which one would you choose and why?




If I was Canadian I would try to get my green card in America, then join the US Army, which actually serves a purpose.


I'd say saving lives is more important than government sanctioned killing any day. The US Army serves a purpose, but it the purpose of politicians with political agendas. The in-group out-group mentality is an antiquated remnant of the old evolutionary paradigm, and it's time we used our big brains to take the steering wheel of our evolutionary vehicle, to no longer serve our genes, but to have our genes serve us.




You my friend, are an idiot. You should respect what those that have served our country have fought for and protected.


I find this to be a pretty ignorant comment lol.


Very ironic coming from you.
The US army does nothing but serve the political agenda. Especially since...you know...politicians decide what the army does. This is true for all countries.
I'm not interested in turning this into a Canada versus US thread. Canadian and American soldiers have served in many wars and fought valiantly. End of the story.

Regardless of what country I'm coming from, would you rather be a pilot or a SAR tech?

Why is that?


I respect the people in the military for putting their lives on the line, certainly. But I don't have to respect the institution of warfighting and the things it is meant for as a whole. Peace can not be brought about by force or the threat of force, unless of course one is talking about localized peace in which others suffer elsewhere so that those in another area can have their peace.

Any morality that is justifiable from the ground up must center on sentient life's pleasure/pain axis. Human beings strive, be it directly or indirectly, to increase their experience of pleasure (defined ambiguously for now) and minimize or eliminate their experiences of pain and suffering.

With this as my basis for morality, the only thing I can clearly label as immoral is deliberately causing other sentient beings to suffer, or inhibiting them from pursuing pleasurable experiences. Going to war to benefit America at the expense of others therefore does not have moral validity.


If I could go back in time the one thing I would do is become a professional pilot. SAR pilot even better.


Search and Rescue Technician all the way man. Being a hero would be awesome. Also having all the training and knowledge to survive in all types of environments would be cool.


I'm with you, comrade.


If I HAD to choose one, I guess I'd go with SAR, lotta more skills there to be learned, and that's always fun.

Of course, I'd rather not have either job. I don't think I'd be able to bear being in search and rescue. Aren't the chances of finding people not so great? Dunno if I myself would be able to deal with that kind of stress.


ALL armies serve the purpose of politicians for political agendas! No, Generals just up and decide to use their privately owned armies to attack shit.


No such thing as morality in global politics. If there were, we'd be in a state of constant war.


The right to be randomly drug tested, spied on, indefinitely detained if your president says so?

Well done!

You Sir are a sheep that falls for the most obvious lies.


Well then I sure hope you respect suicide bombers because they sacrifice their lifes for their cause.

Which just goes to show that you can kill or die for the most outrageous lies.

There is nothing "respectable" about that.

All balls and no brains is a very dangerous combination, especially when combined with heavy weaponry.


with our powers united, Orion, we will move this thread to the PWI forums where it belongs with the other lonely white dudes. We must form a covenant.


No such thing as morality in global politics. If there were, we'd be in a state of constant war.
Could you explain this a bit more? I'm genuinly interested.[/quote]

Why do you think we (the US) haven't invaded North Korea? KJI is just as tyrannical as Saddam if not more so. Every bit the threat that Iraq was. Probly more so.


Guys, i don't mind if you derail the thread, but at least answer the question while you do it.
I'd also like to hear why you'd pick pilot or sar tech.
Thanks :slightly_smiling: