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What Would You Have Done?


I was in the city yesterday eating lunch with some friends when across the street we see a crazy hobo-like lady screaming at apparently no one. She was apparently yelling some comments about someone being black and about how she had a knife in her bag and she was going to kill someone.

So eventually, this small white hobo-like lady comes across the street and they start brawling. A few fists are thrown, but nothing significant. Then a LARGE aboriginal hobo-like "lady" shows up. The screamer starts backing away but gets clocked by the giant. She goes down and gets her face stomped on (HARD) and gets kicked in the ribs a few times. Eventually the two winners leave after being talked to by some security guard and the loser walks away with a bashed up face.

Now this all happened on ANZAC day (Australia/New Zealand Armed Core). There was a crowd of at least 50 people just standing around watching, including the 2-bit security guard and several vets and current military personell. One of my friends was really upset no one stepped in. I figured she must of gotten her comeuppance. Would you have stepped in?


Not for a "hobo-like" lady.


I think people are probably much more reluctant to intervene when there are crazy people involved than with simple criminals. Crazy folk behave unpredictably and this makes people nervous.


If I was not being paid to keep the peace, hay-ull no! First of all, if one of them does have a blade or is armed in some way, you can get seriously maimed, maybe even permanently, and if you do, then what? Lawsuit? Sue them for what? They're homeless!

Secondly, I don't know what the laws are like where you are, but should you have to apply any kind of restraining force to, let's say, the face-stomper you better hope that enough friendly witnesses stick around to corroborate your version of events when the cops show up.

Granted, most municipalities here have good-samaritan laws that protect people who are seeking to protect others from "death or great bodily harm", but the definitions of such are open to a lot of interperetation. Should you have to clobber the face-stomper to get her off of the stompee, you can at the very least expect to be held and questioned for several hours.

At worst, you may get arrested and have to prove your innocence in court (good luck trying to subpoena witnesses in a large, hectic crowd like you described). Worse still, things may not go your way, and you will have a battery charge on your permanent criminal record!

I think this is why people don't get involved when domestic disputes or whatever go down in public; not because people are uncaring, but because they are scared to death they are going to get sued and/or arrested for taking action.


LOL. Priceless



Dont worry about it,this shit happens all the time.I would not have stepped in at all.Where did this happen out of couriousity? Canberra or Sydney?

Dont know about u but ive got a family to look after, im not going to go break up a fight between a couple of old lady's especially when one says she has got a knife!

K of K


hahaha yeah thats pretty funny.

Threatening to kill someone and holding a knife? fuck that. I'm not about to get stabbed for them, I'm sorry. I probably would have called the cops, or at the very least told the security guards/military personel to do something.


In this particular case no absolutely not, I would have kept myself and family safe. I would have no qualms about notifying authorities. But that is the extent of it.

The possible outcomes are not worth the roll of the dice for a moments act of well intended heroics.


I'm assuming that if anyone from a military organization stepped in, he/she would have gotten in a lot of trouble with his/her command. Especially if he/she was in uniform.


You got it exactly right. Military aren't trained in keeping the peace. Trying to be a hero gets a soldier in LOTS of trouble in most circumstances. Soldiers will either 1. overestimate their training and get the shit kicked out of them 2. underestimate their abilities in some cases and cause serious undoe harm 3. find their way onto the evening news and cause undo attention to a unit/station

Dome people need to lose the idea that military are going to be there to save their asses whenever soldiers are present. It doesn't work that way. They fight the BIG fights, not the little ones. I'll laugh if I ever find a post on here where someone didn't mind their business, jumped in to break up a fight, and got BOTH combatants beating their ass to the ooncrete. Seen it. It's hilarious


If you had stepped in you probably would gotten attacked too or even stabbed.

It's not worth it....


I would not have stepped in unless I could tell she was being abused. It sounds like she may have instigated the situation.


I would have laughed and pointed just to egg them on. Seriously, you can't get that kind of action outside of Pay Per View.

Why would you want to step in anyway? Do you have a superman complex? I would only ever even think about stepping into something I'm not directly involved in if one of my close friends or relatives was involved. Otherwise what exactly would you be trying to accomplish?


"I figured she must of gotten her comeuppance."

I totally agree with that. I can't count the number of times my enjoyment of some public outdoor entertainment was ruined by some kook like this "hobo-like" lady.

They get slapped around and humiliated a little bit, and maybe the world will be spared from future public outburts.



If I was watching this going down and had a cell phone, I would have called the cops, but that's about it.


I would have run away. I don't mess with Aborigines - they're too skilled with the boomerang. A boomerang will seriously fuck you up - I've seen it. A buddy of mine got seriously maimed by a boomerang-wielding Aborigine. Well, it was more of a machete, and he wasn't really an Aborigine, I guess, because it was in Jamaica, but you get the point.



Not to mention, god only knows what kinda nasty shit they're carrying, say they stab you with someone that's got some of their bodily fluid on it, congratulations you now have hepatitis.

As much as I like to think I'm a good guy I don't think unless I thought the one was going to die I would have stepped in.

And then only if I had something long and hard enough to keep the other two out of arm's reach. Like a baseball bat or a 2X4



that was some funny shit :smiley: Thanks for giving me a laugh so early in da morning.

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lol, point taken.

but for clarification, that bitch claiming she had a knife in her bag never actually pulled out a knife. she was also getting her ass pounded like the resident prison bitch at the time, so she wasn't going to pull a fast one. And like I said, there was a crowd of about 50 people in a 10 ft circle around the fight. the fight spilled onto the tram tracks, too, for a while. I might have stepped in if she was getting seriously hurt, but as far as it went, she walked away. This was in Melbourne, btw.


...livin' the hobo life, stabbin' folks with my hobo knife...