What Would You Have Done?

I wouldn’t have engaged in that useless conversation to begin with. It seems like the subject of the video LIKED the confrontation to a degree, because he knew he had the upper hand physically, compared to a slovenly, jibber-jabbering buffoon. Had the aggressor been as equally as annoying, but far more physically imposing man than that slob, I highly doubt he would have engaged in that much discourse. In either case, I wouldn’t want to go through all that and just chalk it up to an idiotic driver annoying people on the road.

I heard the subject was a military guy. Though I have respect for military men generally, I’ve seen some of these chest-beating, over-salted peanuts who seem to enjoy confrontations with diminutive, retiring men (like the slob in the video), especially valor-stealing idiots.

The subject DID do the right thing by defending his property though.


Pretty much … dude on the motorcycle antagonized the other guy and drove just as recklessly to try to prove a point. Two fucktards acting like fucktards basically.


What would you have done?
I would have acted like a grown ass adult and not followed some sloppy, fat guy to Walmart looking for trouble just because he passed me. This is ridiculous and I wish I could go back in time and un-watch it.


This x 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

Thank you sir, you’ve saved me 15m of my life.

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Haven’t hit anyone since I was 6 years old despite working as a bouncer and a security guard for years. Punching is a very risky way of defending yourself so I choose to wrassle an assailant any day.

I would be slightly annoyed that he passed me so close and go about my day like a normal person.

If that guy did this kind of stuff around my area, he’d be very very busy and would get murdered relatively quickly.

This indeed was a complete waste of time.

Looks like that dork in Revenge Of The Nerds.

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You lucky he didn’t have a weapon, looks like a guy that just got off his shitty job and wanted to cash his shitty check.

I can see plenty of guys doing something similar that the motorcyclist did. Heck I might’ve even done something similar when I was younger(last year maybe).
The best thing however would have been to use any recording of the car drivers misdeeds and his #plate, and report it to police.

People like the car driver are waste of space, accidents waiting to happen, both literally and metaphorically. Like dog shit on the footpath avoid them at all cost if possible. They are probably already driving without a license, they will get busted by the cops sooner or later(hopefully before they kill someone else).

Not a good idea to follow anyone and confront them unless you are prepared to get into a violent altercation, because no one like this is going to be apologetic as they are consciously driving badly rather than making a mistake due to inattention or some other lesser reason.
Usually people like this are drug effected or mentally ill or just complete cunts with no regard for anyone else. Also in USA any chump can get access to a handgun, or other concealed weapon. So that means you could get popped by a complete weasel, as the Latino alleges “Who hits someone in America! If you were in my country…”
That guy was in the complete wrong escalating verbal assaults, escalating intimidation by touching the bikers property. That guy was lucky to get away without serious injury, kept on coming despite having no aptitude for hand to hand combat. Drugs??? maybe, more likely just a fuckwit that hasn’t learnt how the world works, or is looking for someone to put him out of his misery.

I have only seen the title and still of this video but why would someone post a video of something their not proud of?

It’s not me lol, I was just curious as to how the peeps of T-Nation would react. That being said, that is a very good point.

Haha i dont mean why did you post it on here. Why did the guy who shot the video post it on youtube if he wasnt proud of how he behaved?

I guess he felt like he was owning up to his actions? That being said, I don’t think anyone would deny the fact that the driver was a serious douche.

Hey BB you are right

Instead of picking a shoving match with somebody who’s clearly inebriated call the popos, so he don’t run over somebody. I have two friends who got the shit stabbed out of them because they wanted to ride down on someone who cut them off, not realizing, the guy’s they were going to give a lesson to had, half a dozen drunk laotion homies in the car behind them.

The guy filming this was well aware that he was being a tool, and probably should’ve handled the situation differently (i.e. just leave).

The last time I was in a parking lot altercation (15+ yrs ago), I felt terribly about the outcome too. Driving in through shitty traffic, after a shitty day at work, in an all around shitty mood. Some douche and his two buddies were in a car next to mine… the driver calls out to me snickering, I don’t recall what was said, but I do know he intended to fuck with me to amuse himself/buddies, and I know I was in no mood to be fucked with… it escalated into posturing and ultimately kicking his door in (on his leg) as he attempted to exit the vehicle. The result, a compound fracture of his shinbone, caved in door, and busted passenger window. After the gravity of what I’d done (and the fear of what his two buddies might do in retaliation) I was seriously considering lethal force (ala hopping over the car and taking a neck or two to the ground with me) to diffuse the situation. Thankfully, my initial aggression was enough to keep the other two at bay while I escaped… but in hindsight… I was a fucking dickbag tool of a kid. That guy (no matter how douchey) didn’t deserve to get seriously hurt over a laugh (and my bad mood)… I could have kept walking and never had any problem.

Lesson learned… let calmer heads prevail.

I’d leave as soon as I saw how stupid this guy was.But if he touched my bike I’d probably get a bit angry

In the danger of becoming a Jason Blaha like figure,I gotta say this guy handled it pretty bad
You either fight or don’t.When you choose to engage with someone(which you should first try to avoid as much as possible) you don’t occasionally hit him and tell him back off.You’re in danger.You either knock him out or hit him till he stops being a threat

I agree with this, but in this case it was clear this dumpy looking guy had no shot against Mr. Motorcycle, and so if Mr. Motorcycle knocked him out, he could’ve have faced legal penalties, I believe. I agree that the useless conversation was just that and they both seemed to have got their rocks off with such silliness. Like I said, from my observation, some military guys like to flaunt their status and provoke diminutive men. As in this case, if you go to some stolen valor videos on You Tube, instead of simply saying something like, “Sir, I take it from my observation that you are not a soldier, so, in respect to we soldiers, please don’t wear our uniforms from now on.” Following and barking and instigating mentally and socially inept or inebriated men is downright silly, and it’s not like they are in the position to truly penalize such nuisances with fines or jail time or whatever.

That’s my rational take on it, not my emotional one. In the town I work, one of the towns people refer to as “the hood”, many people do not believe that traffic signs and lights mean anything. Walking into oncoming traffic “ain’t no thing but a chicken wing”, so on a daily basis, I have people walking in front of my oncoming car. Actually this goes on in every “hood” I’ve worked. Daily I fantasize about pulling over, because I am going slow enough (<30 mph), and then starting in with such unruly people or maybe bumping into them ever so slowly, so as to slightly injure them or to scare the living daylights out of them. It would feel very good. But, like… I can’t do it if I want to remain safe and free.

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