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What Would You Have Done?


[quote]Split wrote:
hardgnr wrote:
Slides? LOL nice job.

You asked. He refused. If he didn’t want to get wet he would move anyway.

If your sitting near a fucking pool of all places…you just may get some water on you. I would of just used the slide I wanted.

WHO is in your avatar? WOW[/quote]

coming from the guy who I’ve asked like 10 times, still no answer


The slide is there for people to use. End of story.

I would have apologized at first, and suggested he move. On telling me he is not going to move, I would make some comment to indicate to him I’m still going to use the slide, such as maybe “ok, suit yourself” or whatever - the kind of comment he would dismiss.

No doubt he would bitch again next time you went down, at which point I would explain to him that there is a scenario where both of us can get what we want. He would understand.


Who goes to the pool just to lay out, let alone in front of something intended to be used, in this case slides?

I would of just minded my buisness and had fun. Yer at a pool…go swim.


i woulda gone all chris brown on his ass


Stick it in his pooper!!!

He’d a moved.


Should have asked them again to move as they were getting sun on you.


In highschool, I worked at a pool too. If anyone sat close to the slide, we all went down purposely to get them soaked.

It was nice of you to try to avoid them though, but who goes to the pool and sites next to the slide thinking they will stay dry?


[quote]Jibster wrote:
Cannonball, maybe jackknife. Your job would prolly be done at that point though. [/quote]



I think your crazy dude. I work in a gym/pool area (no slides unfortunately) but i would have used it over and over again and taken great pleasure in soaking that jackass.
I mean, if the gym here is very busy and some tit is doing curls in the power rack while another member is waiting to squat, ill ask them to move elsewhere (in a polite manner of course but in such a way that its not up for discussion).

I seriously doubt using the slide on your off time and wetting some numb nut because he wouldn’t move his fat ass out of the way would compromise your job.
Your diplomacy is admirable but completely unnecessary.
Next time go nuts!!!


I would have soaked them first time down and had a good laugh while saying I’m sorry, also saying I didn’t realize they were so close. You know, play stupid like them.


I would have went up to the fattest kid at the pool and paid him $10 to repeatedly go down the slide for 30 minutes.