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What Would You Have Done?


I was at my gym (work there), at the outside pool.
There's 2 slides (small ones). I like them, I'm a kid what can I say.

Well, there's 2 guys laying out in the sun right in front of the slides. I try to go down the 1st time without making a splash (usually try to make biggest splash possible, by going faster).
The 2nd time I went, I could see the one guy got some water on him, and the guy a little further back complained saying how I got some water on him.

I just said, do you mind moving over (literally 4 ft would have done the trick). He was like (not in a super rude way, but bluntly), said he wasn't going to move.
So, I just went down the curvier slide (which sucks), but whatever.

What would you have done?

Granted, I work there so I was trying to provide good customer service and not be a dick about it. I really wanted to keep going down the one though just to piss that one guy off.


fucking drowned him.


Slides? LOL nice job.

You asked. He refused. If he didn't want to get wet he would move anyway.

If your sitting near a fucking pool of all places...you just may get some water on you. I would of just used the slide I wanted.


Definitely woulda swam under them and pissed in the pool.


you work there...stop being a pussy and tell them to fucking move. I would've come down and made a huge splash had they not moved, then let them handle it from there. T-man up punk!


Cannonball, maybe jackknife. Your job would prolly be done at that point though.


Slit their fucking throats.


Well thats not a little harsh.


use your muscle and punk his ass, thats what they're for


WTF? They're at a pool! What do you they expect? I would just ignored them...they woulda eventually moved it was that annoying to them!


the voice of reason.


start crying and stamp my feet.


True, I workout just so I can have muscle to punk peoples asses.


LOL at the responses. I'm sure in the end me working there wouldn't have been a huge deal, but I tend to be too nice sometimes.

slitting the throat- I'll use that next time


he's the one who complained. He isnt going to keep everyone from sliding. You should have slided another time and made a bomb.

On the other hand you work there... I dont know.

One time at my gym a PT was being a dick. He was using the only rack for his t-trax or something when He could be anywhere else. Finally I told him to him he was a clown and I went to the reception do a complain. He got fired. You should never forget that you are paid to be there and other people pay to be there


Well, you work there, and it wasn't like it was that big of an issue anyway. So I think you handled that in the best way possible.


I think you handled that well enough.


Common sense, FTW!!!

Seeing as how you work there though, I'd say what you did was just fine. If you didn't work there, well that would've been a different story.



WHO is in your avatar? WOW