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What Would You Get?


Looking to get either this pull up bar http://www.fitness-superstore.co.uk/back_machines/bodypower_chinning_bar_chin_up_frame/3015_p.html which is really expensive for a pull up bar, I would also get a dipping/chinning belt to use with it.

The other option is the lat pull down machine shown which only costs £130 and I can also use it for tricep exercises and it has a low pully attached. Only problem is that it will take up a lot of room and says that it is limited to 125kg.

I already have a doorway pull up bar so if it was up to you and it was your money which one would you buy?


If you already have a doorway pullup bar that supports your weight as well as the added load you use and has a fair bit of leeway to add more weight, then why do you want to buy another one?


Its just not great because its too narrow for wide grip pullups


Its just not great because its too narrow for wide grip pullups


I’d go with the pull up bar, save money and more effective. But if i were you I would spend that money on a gym membership if you don’t have one already.


But the lat pull down is £15 cheaper and I can do more exercises with it.

Cant really get a gym membership cause I cant always get there so it wouldn’t be worth it plus I already have spent quite alot on a home gym and have almost everything I need, almost! lol


In my opinion weighted pull-ups > lat pull down machine.


To be honest I would get the machine if you already have a chin up bar for doorways. I would be pretty impressed if you were doing wide grip pull ups on a lat machine and you needed much more than 125kg (not that it’s that hard to attach plates to the weight stack anyway)


[quote]Tomsobey7 wrote:
Its just not great because its too narrow for wide grip pullups[/quote]

I don’t know how wide your doorways are compared to mine, but you should be OK going wide enough.

[quote]Tomsobey7 wrote:
But the lat pull down is £15 cheaper and I can do more exercises with it.[/quote]

Yeah, but really what exercises are you doing to do with it that you can’t do equally well with free weights? Tricep pushowns? Cable curls? You can develop your arms equally well with those.

I suppose you could do high rep lat pulldowns if high rep chins were too difficult.

If you’ve got the space then go for it, but if you absolutely have to buy a piece of equipment that lets you go wider for vertical pulling then I would go for the chin-up bar.


I normally would say chin-up bar but that price is ridiculous. go for the pulldown machine


if you have a pullup bar why are you getting a lat pulldown machine? works the same muscles get a bench or dipping station.


Consider this:
No price on the site but I’m pretty sure it used to be 80-100 quid, maybe less.
My mate has one attached to the back of his house (he’s bought quite a lot of stuff from Watsons for his garage gym, he reckons they’re sound).


Thanks for all of the advice and I think I’ll go with the lat pulldown machine as long as I can fit it into my garage and then maybe later on I will get a pull up bar like the one on Watsons, thanks for the link by the way.