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What Would You Get Rid Of?


What thing would rid the world of if you could?

I am not talking about changing the human condition, like getting rid of suffering or fat people, or removing free will. I am talking about things that grind on your nerves and occasionally your soul.

I would get rid of robo-calls.


The "Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time" song.


This one judge in this one county I've been dealing with. Complete fucking moron.


Piers Morgan


Politics who forgot that they are working for me, for us.


Canned spinach. I hate canned spinach.


Haha, something we can definitely agree on.


Shitty music playing in gyms. I swear I feel my estrogen levels climb and weights become heavier when I don't bring my ipod to cover up the shit that comes out of those speakers. I realize musical tastes differ, but at the least silence >>>>>>>>>>>>> the mix of top 40/dubstep shit/country I have to put up with.


Department of Homeland Security


"Defending" the US by fighting foreign wars.


Oh wait, here's a better one: BATFE. Fuck those gun-smuggling, cartel-arming hypocrites.


Puerto Rican midgets.


Hey! What's so bad about midgets!


If we can't say stuff like AIDS or world hunger or something like that, I would have to pick those groups of factory workers with no teeth and poor personal hygiene who always win huge lottery jackpots. Why can't a nice middle class, educated couple or individual win one of those?


Because people who get how shitty the odds really are tend to play less often?


You gotta think of a lottery ticket not as a chance to win, but as a ticket to dream about winning. A dollar for some nice daydreams seems like a good deal, especially since a dollar can't get you much of anything concrete.


I would get rid of religion.


I would also like to get rid of the sun newspaper, which worryingly is (I believe) the most influential newspaper in the country (England, U.K.) apparently despite the fact it promulgates a load of bullshit daily which many, many, people absorb as the gospel truth...


Assholes who seems to have enough "strength" to put their plates on the bar but not enough "strength" to then re-rack them !


I saw the emphasis on the Puerto Rican part maybe it's just that genre of midget??


The smelly guy at the gym, ya know, the guy who smells so bad he could singe the hair off your feet.

<------ has no hair on his feet subsequently.