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What Would You Do?


I've been lifting for about a year and haven't done exactly the right things
in terms of following a progressive routine. My diet has been non existent
so I know off the jump I need to clean that up for sure.

My lifts are

Bench: 335
Press: 235
Squat: 365
Dead: 365

My squat and dead have lagged mixture of knee pain and not focusing on my
lagging movements like I should maybe. I do work them though. I use one of
those 4 movements every time I work out and add assistance work to it. I'm
training between 3-5 days a week.

Really my question is if you where me what would you do? I mean I really
want to be strong but also lean out for sure You can see in the pics I'm
carrying a shit load of fat on a frame with little muscle. Would it be more
beneficial to my long term gains to cut now and then bulk up clean or Should
I maybe bulk a while and then cut down.

What would you do?

I also apologize for the pic quality no access to a full length mirror or
someone to take pics for me.


One more pix


westside for fat bastards?



Forget about doing anything other than cutting for at least the next year. You're pretty big and strong for someone woh doesn't seem to know what he's doing, so get on a tried program to maintain and slowly build strength - and then push yourself away from the dinner table for a long time. No offense, but you're obese.


Would a 5/3/1 with like a 20 to 30 percent reduction on maintenance be sufficient you think?


5/3/1 is a very decent program, yes. I don't like to think in percentages when it comes to calories - just try 300-500 below maintenance. Also, go for a brisk walk before breakfast - it really makes a difference.


What exactly did you eat yesterday?



Would u recommend a different program of 5/3/1? I did it for a while and gained a lot of strength but is it good for fat loss combined with a deficit?


I basically eat like I'm not working out at all lol. Yesterday I had a protein shake in the am three turkey burgers for lunch no buns snuck in a cupcake with those went to see ironman three with the girl and grabbed some macdonalds on the ride home had a whopper and fries.

I'm much better at eating copious amounts of garbage then real food I'm going to have to reboot my system from scratch and teach myself to eat like an adult I'm 25 you would think I'd have learned by now


My knee tends to act up when doing impact full cardio so I've been thinking about doing barbell complexes for cardio instead


Walking SHOULD be possible.

RE: 5/3/1 - any program that is good for building/maintaining strength is also good for fat loss. You train to keep the muscle, you eat less and maybe do a bit of cardio to lose fat. No exercise routine will make you lose fat if you don't eat accordingly. So, to recap:

  1. Do 5/3/1 or any other compound based routine 3-4x a week.
  2. Go for a walk every morning before breakfast.
  3. Calculate your calories.
  4. Eat like an adult. No fast food, no sugar. Plenty of protein and vegetables.

That's it, four rules. There you go.


Thanks man ill start all of the above today. Ill report back in a month or so


Well, this is 70% of your problem. How about we get you on a proper diet?



That would be great. I'd most likely have to rely heavily on eggs and cheaper meats for protein I'm on a bit of a budget. Right now I weigh about 260 lbs iv calculated my maintenance to be about 2700 but that seems a bit high to me maybe because I know fuck all about eating correctly