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What would you do?

T Catz,
Question on the board for all:
I am in a new situation.
When i was doing post-grad research and single, i was in the gym five to seven days a week and nutritional structure was in tact as hell.

Now i have a clinical job which requires a good amount of time and I have found a beautiful girl too.

I have about three to four days per week to hit up the gym about one and a half hours each time. What type of plan would everyone do to maintain. I really don’t have time to bulk right now becuase i don’t have the structure or time to do it right. I am in interested in maintaining or actually slightly cutting to minimal levels of body fat (now at somewhere around maybe 7%ish). I was figuring a mixed 5x5/HST protocol concentrating on major muscles groups (Legs, Chest, Lat/Back)…whats your take?..its driving me up a wall…BB’ing isn’t the #1priority it once was. I have a lot of other stuff before it, but i wouldn’t never think of just stopping it for any amount of time. I have no problem with nutritional structure right now, its even more tweeked than before, but what about the lifting protocol?

Thanks Catz,

you think it’s hard now BB’ing with the thing called “life”, it gets harder… you’ll learn to adjust. if you want it bad enough and i know you do, you’ll find ways to keep it all together. don’t worry about it.

Vain’s got a girlfriend! Glad to hear that all is going well - and I’m not just speaking about the girlfriend part, but careerwise as well.

My personal opinion would be a 5x5 program. It'll take you less time than 1 and 1/2 hours and you can do the 3-day program. But mixing in some HST would be effective too and yes, just concern yourself with the primary muscle groups.

THanks for the accolades…the patience paid off…i get to my new job, and voila, there she is…she actually works out, but she is not into bb’ing, so she works out for pleasure, aerobics, kickboxing, that sort of thing.

My job requires me to do a lot of clinical work, so many days i come home mentally exhausted but just push my a** to the gym…workouts are struggling at lower levels of b-fat in terms of weight lifted, but I really like my physique right now.

I love reading this board all the time…it provides a source of motivation and kinship…

Its hard though, on weekends, I hang with her, and do things with her and such, so training is out the window and I can’t calculate every last macro when we go out to eat, but I make the typical wise choices.

…and yes I do want it…I still love keto, still update my guide, and love the endocrinology debates.

What up
I’m out

***Thanks all

I think HST would be a good option for you. At least to try out. I’m currently testing all of my maxes and then I’m off for a week and I’ll start my second HST cycle in early September. I also think HST is a great program to combine with a CKD, due to the overall lower volume. It’s at least worth a shot, especially since your time is valuable. You’ll at least maintain what you’ve got and you may even shed some fat or add some muscle in the mean time.

Vain68, that’s awsome man! You’re living the dream. I love to hear when someone is happy and content in life. It is a real encouraging. You mention your Keto guide, could you post your website again. Thanks.

Vain, ain’t life grand?! Anywhoos, after MUCH reading up on HST. Yeah, gotta second Jason Norcross with sticking with HST. While the bulking routine Ko and I have been performing is GREAT - it’s a five day a week program and would take up too much of your time. Therefore, with time contraints, HST would be a good program .

Have you been checking out that HST thread begun by char-dawg? Very interesting.

I second the 5X5, it gets you in and out of the gym in a hour, 3 days week. It also helps you keep your strength and mass up. Congrats and good luck!!

Yeah, I’d do 5x5 and then fight a bear. Bear fighting is makin’ a comeback, I’m tellin’ ya.

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Will and anyone else.
Go to www.geocities.com/mrvain68
click on the links and find my email address and I’ll email you the keto guide (its modified and structured; more like a manual of sorts w/ charts and graphs)