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What Would You Do?


I dont like stories that take forever to read, so im going right to it.

The other night, coming home from the bar, I encountered a flamboyant gay dude. He asked me what time it was: 3.40 am. I was alone, and felt as though I was being followed. I looked back and sure enough, there he was, with his tight white pants, pink dress shirt and black tie. I wasn't totally sober, so i don't remember how he said it, but he basically wanted to pay me to shove his dick up my ass. That was the first time this happened to me, I was quite flattered. But unfortunatly i turned him down. He didn't give up right away. He offered 50 to just take my shirt off. That sounded like a reasonable offer, and since im confortable with my sexuality, I took it more as a compliment than anything. But it gets worst. He wanted to go in a hidden area. Buddy didn't look too intimidating, although he could have stunned me with some kung fu. So I went along. Somehow, the offer had changed to ten minutes of wrestling with my shirt off. So I thought to myself: there's only one option... Ask him to front me the cash before, and then run with it. My dignity is worth a little more than 50 bucks. He said no, I left as he screamed "You fucking f*****". Still haven't figured that one out.

Anyways, I was twisting and turning in my bed the other night, wondering what I should have done. Came up with the conclusion that I was a pussy for not punching him in the throat and grabbing his cash. After all, I had the right to defend myself after being sexually harrassed.

What would you guys have done?


Well first of all I use faggot for: douchebag, asshole, cunt, stupid etc, So i can see why he said that. Secondly why escalate things further and hit the guy and take his money? You just committed assault and burglary.


you cant spell "troll" without "lol"



Some gay dudes like guys who have tits and ass like the OP does (in his avatar. ) They can only do it with guys in drag.


lol - story made me laugh.

Just a horny gay dude who was drunk and aggressive.

Why in the world do you think being paid $50 to take off your shirt for a GAY MAN reasonable if you are straight? Why did you even entertain the idea? Also where in Ontario did this happen? Toronto?


Dude. You might be gay. The correct heterosexual options are:

1 - A firm no that leaves zero room for doubt and be on your way
2 - A beat down with impunity (also implies a no response)

That little back and forth you had; well that's just a bit odd (along with your attempted robbery thoughts).


Gay guys love teh bewbies.


LOL @ giving someone a "beat down with impunity" for hitting on you.

Have fun being slapped with a "hate crime" for being so homophobic.


Has nothing to do with homophobia and nothing to do with being hit on. If someone is following me at 3am and doesn't get the hint, I don't give a fuck what their intentions are. You'll notice the verbal approach was listed first


get the hint? The guy was leading him on throughout his completely made up story lol also, he "felt as though he was being followed." The guy probably just happened to be walking home the same way as him. (EDIT: OP admitted to not being sober. it is very plausible that he didnt know if the guy was actually following him or not, right?)

the dude never told him "No. Stop following me"


Which goes back to my assertion that the OP is possible gay, or a troll, or a gay troll.


hahaha I agree. total troll thread.

He was seriously contemplating a shirtless wrestling match in an alley at 3:40 in the morning with a random gay dude? trollololol


I'd need POIDH............. wait, nevermind.






I actually didn't report you, I just knew drawings of penises would be removed.


Anything other than what you did but preferably: get the fuck out of there real quick in case the guy had a fucking knife/handgun, zip ties, a bottle of chloroform/rohypnol and jelly lube on his person.


I got that pic over in SAMA and have posted it more than once with no problems... maybe the mods are cracking down? :frowning:


Like a true Canadian he decides to censor his own post with the "f*****" thing.

Maybe the gay guy said "friend"


Not that I believe your fairy tale but if you WERE straight and telling the truth - the fact you walked to a hidden garden to show a gay guy your body for money pretty much shatters any illusions you should have of dignity.

But I call BS on the whole thing and would actually say that to come up with a troll story about a gay encounter pretty much confirms you are, in fact, gay. I hope you knew that already but if you didn't...." UH OH!"