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What Would You Do?


i still have a long shot ahead of me till i think about using because iam still making natty gains pretty well - added 6kg of muscle to my frame in 9 months after cutting the excess bf- and iam still in my rowing career so i don't want to mess with that, BUT i just got handed 3000 egp worth of steroids to me for free by a friend cause he's travelling to work and can't take it.

It has 20 amps of deca, 20 amps of test, 500 tabs of var, 500 tabs of dbol and 2 boxes of letro. And some stuff will expire in a couple of months, what would u do if u were in my place?


Oh and iam not convinced also cause i'll still be 20 in a couple of months.

Iam not seeking approval, iam sincerely wondering what to do?


I'd probably sell it myself.


iam thinking about this also, but tbh iam thinking about keeping the var because it's probably the hardest thing to get here in egypt and it's very expensive too and it has the latest expiry date. Test, deca and dbol are available easily.


It has the makins of a nice bulker


yes cause the drugs determine how much size you gain.


Are you even trying to hint there is no difference in between a bulking cycle and cutting cycle? Please refrain from flaming, especially if you're going to make yourself look like an idiot.



And I second his post. It has the right compounds for a good bulking cycle.

IFBB, go read a book.

And to the OP, I suggest selling as well. If you are getting good gains naturally, wait until you hit that plateau before considering gear.



thats what i did sold half the stuff already still the deca but i'll keep the var


I've heard that expiration dates are not huge concern if the gear is kept in a proper environment.

But 20 is young and 3-5 years may not be worth holding on to expired gear.


IF he is cutting for a competitive competition, then yes it makes a difference. He made no such claim, in which case, no there is not a difference.

THe only case I can think of is TA which suppresses appetite, but the drug still works fine for bulking, very well IMO.
nandrolone can be used equally for both
trenbolone can be used for both
testosteorne used for both
dianabol/anadrol used for both.

again if cutting for a competition, yes changes would be needed, but he did not say that was the case.

Good luck explaining how nandrolone acts different in a calorie deficiency vs surplus


So your "theory" is that there is not a smarter cycle for cutting versus bulking regardless what the reason is?

This is intelligence at its best right here.


All he stated, was the fact that Test + Deca + Dbol could be parts of a very successful bulking cycle, which is 100% true. No need for your ignorant smartass remark. Keep your childish ego-driven comments to yourself.



the OP is a lucky bastart to get it for free


Can you state ANY information to prove otherwise?


So you fail to come up with facts to refute the argument, instead resorting to cursing and name-calling. I am the child? This ancient steroid doctrine is in part the reason for people believing "cutting" drugs make you "shredded". It is simply not true, the drug helps with nitrogen retention, stronger drugs help more, weaker drugs help less. Var is the only one that has ANY science as a "fat loss" agent, but as BR stated earlier, the study didnt control for equal estrogen levels, so that might be in play.


Well.. not quite - although i agree with your argument fundamentally IFBB, the higher the androgen activity, the more lipolysis will occur.
There are other factors too - and i agree that unless one needs to be dry, then as long as enough anabolics are used to offset any catabolism from a diet/cardio, the estrogen level (as the main factor in 'cutting' drugs) is unimportant.

In a very low body-fat level, the results from Test and Dbol still looks very impressive IME - the water adds to this, rather than anything else - not to mention the higher IGF levels, the increased weight, size, strength and joint comfort - all very useful when dieting and training hard :wink:

I do see BMC's point, there ARE more specific choices to aid is fat loss - ie. the more androgenic drugs, but other than that it is unimportant IMO (unless competing).

So in a way you are both right, but definitely both stubborn :wink:


Has this ever been proven though? I thought this was a hypothesis, not a fact. The only case I know of it being relevant is tren, "5x the binding affinity" attributed for the fat loss, but couldnt improved nutrition partitioning (another proposed mechanism of tren) be the culprit? Or a combination?
My thing is this, give me tren/test/dbol and I will cut or bulk like nobodys business, you got the most potent class I/II drugs in tren/bol respectively, and test which has both I/II and all that comes with it.. Yes nandrolone will bloat you more, but that doesnt mean it cant be very effective cutting. I know guys who have bulked on Masterone, with great results even thought its a cutters drug.

Thanks for weighing in though, Brook, always respect your opinion. : )


I see IFBB's side. I have just never heard of someone trying to flame anyone for saying Test + Deca + Dbol are pieces of a good bulking cycle. That's it.

I suppose this nudged me the wrong was due to my stressful day at work and when I read a pointless flame it was the last straw. Turning in the for night. Toodles.



I think it is oe of those things that hasn't had independent trials (may be wrong - i'm not about to trawl through endojournals, etc. for this one..) due to the fact it is proven indirectly. We know there are AR in adipose. We know that Trenbolone has a very high affinity and activity at the AR and we know what that means in effect.. so it is fair to assume that it causes a higher rate of lipolysis.

As for the increased Nutrient partitioning - it is my belief that ALL AAS do this, it is simply protein synthesis, increased lipolysis, increased glycogen storage.. etc.. instead of excess protein being excreted as urea and fats and carbs to adipose as excess - due to a greater ability to utilise the nutrients given (anabolism to metabolic muscle tissue will simply lead to a greater bodycomposition over time - and a greater insulin sensitivity).

This is JMO, but one i will believe until proven otherwise..