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What Would You Do?


So the situation is that my school closed down for a week due to swine flu.

I haven't done to much since i've been studying for exams that are next week but i have spent a good amount of time with the girlfriend and doing some fun things (not sexually if that's what your thinking) with her.

but my question is, if your work or school got closed down for a week what would you do?
Go camping, go to the gym everyday, build something, etc.

I was just interested in what you would do if you had a week off.


you should build a fort out of sofa cushions.

go to the gym, dude.


Well i have been. School got closed thursday so i went to gym Friday, going to gym tomorrow, monday and wednesday like i would any other week.

Yeah your right i should build a fort out of cushions.

But as i recall, what would YOU do was the original question?


i’ve got a week off right now. it was my intention to go to gym every day, but i ended up doing nothing constructive whatsoever.
what i have done, is, i’ve bought a webcam. and i’m talking into the webcam, like a kind of video diary. i’ve just finished reading Bret Hart’s autobiography, and it’s SO detailed, and precise, and in context, because he’s written it with the help of a couple decades worth of audio-tapes. and that’s the inspiration for the webcam.

militaries around the world spend billions on intelligence and surveillance and reconnaissance, etc…etc…, but the average person hardly makes the effort to note what they’ve accomplished on any given day. i’ve resolved to treat my life like a billion dollar business, so i can get billion dollar results, micro-management on every level. or maybe all this webcam bullshit is another form of procastination, time will tell. and so for that matter is writing long diatribes on this forum for the edification of complete strangers. tyler durden would not be impressed.

ah, yeah, the other thing i’ve done, is invent a new breakfast (i use the word ‘invent’ loosely!).
i soak a cup of oats in room temp water, or perhaps lukewarm water, and in the meantime blend up a handful of broccoli, a handful of spinach, and a medium-sized carrot (all raw), and then add all that into the raw soaked oats. it doesn’t taste very entertaining, but it’s gonna do the trick. also, i feel like a badass.


I would nail my girlfriend.


A week off…?
I have four months off before I get back to college(maybe even 5)

Thank god for the gym, it lets the week pass nicely




play world of warcraft…