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What Would You Do with This Oestradiol Increase?

07 Aug = <44pmol/L (doesn’t show any lower)
08 Oct = 145 pool / L

I use daily IM 30mg x 5/week, finasteride .5mg / day and 300mg HCG. I have AI here, should I
prophylactic take it?

T is very high now so I can reduce that which I will do, I will reduce to 30mg x 4/week but want to increase HCG as my balls are now small

HCG is measured iu not mg. Second, 150mg/wk of T doesnt warrant AI. Split your T into daily shots instead and forget an AI. As for balls being small, HCG may or may not help.

Do you see a doctor for TRT?

I did originally but they put me on gel so i sourced for myself

Did the gel work? Did you ask if you can be prescribed T cypionate?

No it did not work, yes I did but he said gel wouldn’t stop my natural production but IM would.

Would you supplement with an AI with my E2?

Testosterone gel does shut you down for sure. I have labs of my LH and FSH proving that haha :slight_smile: the estradiol shouldn’t be a problem, unless you don’t feel good at all.

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I have never done an AI in all 20 years of using TRT. I have only used 100 mg T cyp per week or ten grams gel for all those years.

I believe if you use 100 mg per week your E2 level will fix itself. I’ve tested up to 50 for E and felt fine.

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Nothing. That’s a perfectly fine e2

The fact that your levels changed so significantly and the fact that you are sourcing your test black market are most likely correlated.

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