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What Would You Do with the Following

Sorry for boring post, just planning next blast.
If you had 30 Anadrol 50
16 oxandrolone 50 mg
2 tests vials (2, 10 mg vials 200mg/ml)
And 33 ml deca

I’m thinking kickstart with drol and end with oxandrolone
But either 600 mg deca week 1,
Weeks 2-13 500 deca
And divide the test up over 13 weeks (I’ve always done higher deca than test)

Or do a long 22 week blast with 300 deca and 200 mg test with orals as above

Or one of the above and alternate orals like 2 weeks anadrol, 2 weeks off, 2 weeks oxandrolone, 2 weeks off and 2 weeks anadrol again?

Thanks, just passing time overthinking this lol

Holy shit, where I’m from oxandrolone is almost always 10mg tablets… You’ve got 50mg tablets!!

Yes sir!