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What Would You Do With $10k?


So, over the years I've been living in Japan, I've been saving money for a goal that, unfortunately, did not come to fruition.

And while that sucks, the upside is I have a decent chunk of change sitting in my bank account. Since Japanese banks have an interest rate of $0.fuck all, I'm thinking about other things to do with at least some of the savings. I figure why let it sit when I can do something else and make my money work for me.

Since there are many knowledgeable people on these boards, I was just wanting to hear some suggestions.

So, what would you do with $10,000?


put it all towards our student loans (only debt we have). already have an emergency fund in place.


$10,000 CRACK PARTY! "come one.. come all"


Oh, and mandatory pic for advice. Sorry I forgot.


Got a solid emergency fund set aside? If so, then I would park it in a Roth IRA and forget about it. You don't need the dough for getting along now, and 20-30 years from now that $10K will have become a substantial chunk.


1 pay off any debt even good debt. If no debt:
2 pay for a car or anything else of need in full
3 assuming you don't have a mortgage. If so see 1
4 buy a house/quit renting
5 send it to me. I'm royalty in my country and need funds to buy special investments. I'll give you 50% returns.


I'd find a writer on odesk to make a 300 article website on a very general topic like health...$1500-$2000

I'd then pay a designer to make everything look nice on wp and set up some decent navigation...$500-$1000

I'd then pay my writer to continually add content (1 article per day)... $200/month

I'd use the rest on SEO to make my site rank highly in the search engines... $500/month for a year.

I'd put ads up on the site and test to see what worked best. I'd let the site mature over the course of a year, see where the chips fall. If I think it is underperforming I will keep it and continue to work on it, if it is overperforming I'd sell it.

I wouldn't necessarily recommend it, but that's what I'd do!


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Fuckin' A


In order:

  1. If you don't have an emergency fund, keep it, half cash, half investment (below).

  2. If you have variable rate debt, pay it off.

  3. If you have fixed rate debt above 4.0%, pay it off (maybe, maybe not).

  4. Invest half in a commodity based fund --- e.g., something that buys everything from grain, to wood, to oil and half in turd world equities --- not Europe, not USA. We are about to enter an stagflationary spiral like in the Carter-era 1970s.


Pretend you're Charlie Sheen...for 10 minutes.


Shove it up my ass for a Guinness book of world records.


Why not hire a monkey to write and pay in it with peanut butter, it'll be better quality than a human writer who charges $6.50 for an article.


$6.50 for an article? That would offend even a sweatshop worker.


$10,000 ain't shit, sadly :frowning:


I can't help but pile on... is your writer going to be your neighbors kid working for some extra after he mows your lawn for 5 bucks?


you could have a sick week in miami


I would blow it on hats.

Movie reference.


Pay off any debts, buy some shares.

I just sunk about the same amount into Apple shares last week.


I would use part of that mine to write several articles about how major gold deposits have been found, equal to 1,000 times what we've ever mined, wait for the price of gold to DROP upon this announcement, buy up as much as I could, THEN wait for the "truth" to come out and prices to go back up.

Goddamn, I am diabolical.


My girl's coworker bought Apple stock when it was about $1 ! I think it's over $350 now.

If you REALLY care about stock...go look up companies that make NFC chips. Buy a shit ton of stock.

I wish I had bought ARM when it IPO'd. Look what it's at now, due to all the ARM chips used in mobile. Goddamnit.