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What would YOU do? (Bill Roberts feel free to chime in)

There is something I am very undecided about, and looking for some advice. It concerns Mag-10 usage, and particularly, the amount of “off” time I should be taking between cycles. I just finished a very strict 28 day cut phase with one dose of Mag per day, and now have 19 days off until I start a big time bulking phase. I know that the amount of on and off time from androgens is an individual decision, and that some stay on as much as 66% of the time (in a total year), but with the usage of Tribex and M for at least 12 of these 19 days I have off, do you think it is okay to start up the Mag again for my bulk cycle? During the 12 week bulk cycle I would be on Mag for 2 weeks, off for 2 weeks with Tribex+M, repeated in this fashion twice more for a total of 6 weeks on Mag and 6 weeks off. Starting from Day 1 of the cut phase with Mag, it comes out to roughly 70 days on Mag, 65 days off of Mag when everything is said and done. What are the consequences of not taking long enough between cycles (suppressed T, or more)? What would you do in this case?


There’s no problem at all with what you
want to do here. Being “off” half the time
during an only 12 week period is fine and
isn’t at all pushing it, provided that,
as you’re doing, you’re using recovery
agents (Clomid, Tribex + Vitex, or Tribex + M)
during off weeks.

Thanks Bill…I realize the 12 week period isn’t pushing it, but is the 19 days off after 28 on and then jumping into the 12 weeks (where, as you said, I am on half the time only) okay?

Yes! :slight_smile:

Cool, thanks Bill.