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What Would You Do? 5'2 & 145lbs


Hey, I'm new to T-Nation but have been on and off the site, reading articles and whatnot for quite some time now. Figured I'd make an account. Anyway, I'm 19 and I just got back into lifting after taking the summer off due to personal reasons. I've been lifting for 2 years with not a whole lot of consistency but now I plan to change that.

I just want to know what would you guys do at this point in my physique. Lean out more, slowly increase calories, maintain and build muscle..ect. In the end, I want to put on as much mass as possible and still be somewhat lean. I want to be big. I've dirty bulked to 165 before but it was all wrong and I didn't retain much muscle after cutting so fast.

In terms of training, this is what it looks like:

Monday: Squat and Bench
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Deadlift and Shoulder Press
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Squat and Bench
Saturday: Deadlift and Shoulder Press

My arms (mainly biceps) are a weak point so I'll hit them at the end of a workout as an assistance exercise 2 out of my 4 workouts of the week and maybe once during an off day(at home).

All compound movements are hit for 3 sets of 5, 5 sets of 5, or 3 sets of 3 for strength. After I do some "assistant" work for that given day. For example, after a squat and bench workout, I would do calf raises, leg extensions SLD, dumbbell bench and flys. All assistant work would be 3 to 5 sets of 8-12.

I will post some pics of how I am currently looking at 140-145lbs.

For nutrition, as of now, I only count calories and protein. If I'm not hitting maintenance, I'm staying anywhere between below to plus 200 calories of my maintenance while consuming 145-150g of protein. The rest is filled with fats and carbs.


The first picture above is after a recent bench and squat day. This picture is after an arm day I had at home.


Slow bulk man .... You aren't ripped, but not fat either

Big ass neck and decent traps ..... At 5'2 you'd be a monster at 190!

I would take the protein up to 200 .... At least ...

You're 19 man - EAT and LIFT ! :slight_smile:

Cutting shouldn't be in your vocabulary yet, lol


Here's one more picture after working forearms. Just showing you how vascular I am at this bf%.

Thanks for the feedback! :slightly_smiling:


Like I said, you aren't fat .... Keep lifting (consistency trumps all - no more missed workouts or long layoffs) and eat big .... Without going batshit and eating everything that isn't nailed down

Do that for a year or two solid and you will look like a human bowling ball :slight_smile:


Great genetics. And I agree with Elvis. You look to have the base to keep adding more size but keep calories in check.

If you are going for a beach look, at that height you do have the muscle to pull it off...but you also look to have the genes to really blow up long term.


Thanks a lot. I think I will just keep adding some size. Do you think a slow bulk or a slight increase(300-500 over maintenance)in calories is good enough to make gains but not too much fat? I obviously know the more I gain the higher my maintenance becomes though.


That is why if you have a base like you do, concentrate on making sure you are feeding your body enough to grow. What you call it really doesn't matter...but that is just how you make sure you are growing enough, and yes, up to 500 calories is a good idea and then judge where you go next from the progress you see.

You are doing fine...way better at that stage than many guys.


nice LOA shirt :wink:


You should start a training log on here .... It would be cool to see a 19 year old with heart and some good genetics blow up over time

But you have to change your TNation name to "Little X" first, lol





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Greetings brother.

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Thanks a lot. I really appreciate the advice, my dude.


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I would say start a cycle as soon as possible. Your goal should be to get as wide as you are tall.



A cycle? Like a bicycle? :o