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What Would You Choose: Cell Phone or Gym Membership?


I was thinking about this today: If I were ever given the ultimatum and had to choose between one or the other because of a money issue, which would I choose?

And no what ifs. No free gym memberships, etc.

Simply put, would you give up your cell phone for training? Or your training for your cell phone?

I think I'd have to give up my cell phone at this point in my life. I can reach people via other ways.

Edit: I am not in this situation, it's hypothetical.


Take the gym membership.


I heard a rumor there are ways other than a cell to communicate with people. I'll take the gym membership and a good ol' fashioned TSA screening.


I heard a rumor there are ways other than having a gym membership to get in good shape. I'll take the cell phone and a good ol' fashioned TSA screening.


Give up my cell phone and get a beeper with a roll of quarters. I'd feel like a 90's drug dealer.


Get the gym membership and buy a cheap crappy phone.You dont need a fucking iphone to communicate with people.


^^ reading comprehension fail. You have to choose one or the other. Brah

EDIT: Also, if you don't have an iPhone then there is a very good chance that you are a total loser and no amount of training will help you with that. You should probably just abandon all hope for a succesful fulfilling life and FORGET about ever finding a good looking woman... Forget about it


I went for the elusive 3rd option.Its on the private menu.


Daaaaaaaamn! I didn't even think about what was behind door number 3


Gym. Between skype, facebook, email, etc I'm pretty sure you could get around (no pun intended). I'm not old enough though (25) to remember how much it must have sucked to coordinate stuff like meeting at a bar before a sports game, or changing plans at the last minute without a phone.


I got rid of both my cell phone and gym membership the very same day I stopped eating 6-8 meals per day...


It sucked. I still have arthritis in my index finger from tapping out morse code messages to my stick ball team.




I thought this one was alomst laughable.

I'm 37 so I find the cell phone, and the idea of talking on it so much that you think you'd miss it (unless it's for business) pretty much a teenage girl thing.


I'm 2 months shy of 30 and, granted I'm married, I don't talk to anyone on the phone unless it's for business. If my wife and I didn't have cell phones, the only thing that would change is we would take longer to find each other after we split up to go to different stores in the mall.


I almost never use my cell phone, so.... bye bye phone.


Funny, where I work the people most glued to their cell phones are the 40+ and 50+ years old crowd. They constantly leave meetings to answer their phones and no one seems to care - I've never seen someone under 30 do it yet (I'm 26).

I actually get pissed about it, but they're all above my paygrade so not much I can say.


I'd have to pick the cell phone, as it is the only phone I have. Besides I have the bedroom of my apartment turned into my gym.


x2. It's a vital part of working.


Well, I don't have either a cell phone or a gym membership so I can't play! :frowning: