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What Would You Change?


Similar to the what would you get rid of thread. Nothing earth shattering or sounding like a beauty pagent response, just what probably minor or insignificant change would you make?

I would make two changes to women's fashion.

Change the location of back pockets on pants, move them back up so that the pocket is no longer primarily on the bottom curve of the butt. Yet to see that make anyone look better.

Shorts length can be no shorter than the width of the shorts.

Y'all's turn.


Change human bodies so we don't need to breathe so fucking often. I mean every 5 seconds is a bit stupid.


Caravans (in the uk).

Most dog owners.

My neighbours cat.


I would change it so women would always be naked and ready for sex.


Please, you need to go to Wal-Mart and reconsider this request.


I wish I could re-engineer the human body so we wouldn't have to waste so much time sleeping.

I have a lot of artwork to do, man!


nipples on men.

remove them for all time.


You sir have too much idle time on your hands :slight_smile:


More that I am raising a daughter. And well, I am a fan of women.


But then Mrs. Edgy would not be able to nibble on your nipples. Also, if you were excited, you would miss the experience of having your nipples quiver with delight.



So these would be prohibited?


You should know there are always exceptions, but a few exceptions should not be the rule.

Plus, those look homemade. No rule against that.


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Perhaps but the general idea that the bigger the waist the longer the shorts is still a good one.


THAT, I can definitely get "behind."


The need for a bunch of stupid "arts and humanities" classes to finish a Human Bio degree; and when the outside temperature went below 30*F two feet of snow on the ground would be mandatory.


naw, Man - Hells Naw - hate having my nipples touched, and hate that they poke thru my t-shirt on cold mornings. Hate it.