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What Would You Change in My Physique?



If you can, give me detailed opinion on what do you think.

What would you do if you were me?

On which parts would you more focus on?

I’m sorry for lighting, that’s the only place I can take photo now

Greetings from Poland! :slight_smile:






Well we can’t really tell unless you show legs/back/side

Do you have APT?


I was training calisthenics, just changed into gym, so I dont have legs or something, but will add in a moment - thanks for commenting!

I checked what did you say and yeah, I do have that.

Again, big apologise for my clumsiness in doing photos, I do my best!



Ok now we have something to rate, thanks.
Classic ecto. You already stated that your legs need work.
Back Has good definition and actually looks better than the front pic you showed first.
For you my friend I think you just need to eat more, much more and train heavy consistently and give it some time.


This. Focus on your legs though mate. You really need to bring them up.


What except legs would you change?

Thanks for advice!:slight_smile:


Well proportionally, disregarding legs, everything is fine so you can focus on everything equally.


Of this front shot,

You desperately need traps as your neck is long. Lats to give you a better V but your lats may just be high . You would also benefit from more capped delts but they look pretty good in your back bi shot (if not symmetrical), so perhaps not.

The other shots look like you need more muscle all around, particularly to your torso.

Basically you look all arms and chest - now you need to focus on the rest.


Traps sound completely correct, delts also. Hmm, about lats, to this time I felt like they were big comparing to the rest, but I will listen to you.

Wait, oh my God, really?! You broached so many parts, that’s a lot!
For sure it will help me to reach more aesthetic look:)

Greetings ^ _ ^!


From that front shot actually have very good proportions -small waist full balnaced chest etc. Just need more muscle overall.
From back could do with lot of work more… overall density and width and more triceps and rear delts also


Like others said, legs and traps are your current greatest needs. I’ll add forearms and suggest you do farmer walks a couple times each week (if you have dumbbells available.) Farmer walks will give your traps thickness, strengthen your grip, and give your whole body a healthy stimulus.


@RampantBadger @TriednTrue Thank you a lot for such accurate and precise advice!
That’s the summed up correction I need:)

I can’t believe I had this thought to ask you guys about it… and you helped
You are amazing, thanks again!



No problem, @bartinez! If you join the 2018 T-ransformation in the Bigger Stronger Leaner forum, would that help you stay focused?


I think that I can motivate myself, but thank you for that:) I will have a look what it is


Delts, traps, lats and legs


Eat Eat Eat. Go heavy and lose the hair on chest and upper legs. No girl wants a mouth full of hair.