What Would You Buy?

Got a 50 gift certificate from a comp did for sportslab supps, what would you guys get from this list? Was thinking some zma, creatine, and tribulus… I don’t really take supps though, so not sure what to get.


Does tribulus decrease natural test production after you cycle it, and are you suppose to stack it with anything or can it be taken by itself?

ZMA and creatine are great places to start. Creatine is tried and true and works, zma will help you sleep well and recover faster. I have never looked into a pro testosterone supplement since I’m 20, I figure I have enough of it to go around. Best of luck.

tribulus will not shut down your natural production or decrease it, you can take it with your other supps or by itself.
I would go for the zma, creatine and trib, you should get some protein if you dont have some already.

I read an article a while ago on zma, and they said something along the lines of, supplementing with zma increased natural test by 30% over a 6 week period. I wish I could find that artical, I will have to google it now prob lol.
Good luck.


Just as much creatine as you can.

Creatine is good infact it is great! but if you were to go for just say 2 supps, go for a decent protein and a creatine ethyl ester, some people prefer it over normal mono.
You can get some supps that have a mixo f creatine and AAKG, that are good. I used one and still do and i got great results from it.
Good luck champ

Creatine and fish oil. If you have any funds left over throw in some ZMA.