What Would You Buy?

I am looking to buy supplements for this summer. Just some background, I am turning 21, and have been working out for about 6-7 years. Things did not start really piecing themselves together until this year. Regardless, I take training incredibly seriously. This summer, I will have very few, if any distractions from my body. I will be working full time, and living on my own.

My diet is going to be spot on. In all honesty, I have most of my working out/life in order. I am just looking to take things to the next level. In terms of goals, I am 180 right now, probably around 10-12%. I’d like to be 190 at ~8, maybe a little less.

I am looking to invest some money to make this an extremely productive summer. I don’t want to put a “cap” on the amount, because I feel no amount of money invested in bettering my physique is a waste, so long as it does better me.

Regardless, can you guys make some recommendations as to what you think I should invest in? I have the following things on my “to-buy” list:

Mineral Support
Metabolic Drive- low carb

Other than that, any other suggestions to add on? Would it be a good idea to throw either MAG-10/Anaconda or both on the list? Also, I would like to add a pre-workout to cycle a couple times a week - any suggestions that would work well with what I plan on already taking? Would the anaconda protocol stacked with Indigo work out well with Indigo? Should I look into getting Surge or Power Drive?

I just want to re-iterate how dedicated I am to this. I know many people have concerns about diet or training. I am doing great with my current training/diet, I am just looking to take it to the next level.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Yes, use the new ANACONDA and MAG-10. 2 scoops ANACONDA peri-workout and 2 scoops MAG-10 after would be a good starting point.

Test and dbol is what you are looking for. Just a suggestion.

You have been working out for 6 years and you don’t know what supp to buy?

Go to bed…

In my opinion:

Indigo (It works, but skip this for now $160 can buy alot of other stuff)
Mineral Support (Skip this, go for a generic multi)
Metabolic Drive- low carb (Skip this, overpriced. Cheaper alternatives out there)
Creatine (Buy this, good deal and it works.)

Dude, at 21 and lifting as serious as you say you do, you don’t need much. A decent pre stim (caff pills work fine and are crazy cheap), a multi, fish oil, and protein for PWO. If you diet is as good as you say it will be then that is where almost all your growth will come from, providing you are crushing it in the gym. The rest of that shit is a waste of your money. Use those dollars for more food.

[quote]Cr Powerlinate wrote:
Yes, use the new ANACONDA and MAG-10. 2 scoops ANACONDA peri-workout and 2 scoops MAG-10 after would be a good starting point.[/quote]

Yup, I’d start here too.

No experience yet with the new formulations, but the original protocols are solid. Like reinforced, fortified solid.