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What Would You Add to Test Base?

There are lots of “beginner stack” threads, but I want personal answers. Whether it is from experience or from book learning, don’t care.

What, if anything, you would/have added to TestC/E base… and WHY…


  1. Training/nutrition/rest are all in order
  2. Experience is enough that noob gains and a decent muscle base have been achieved.
  3. You have experience with Test and how your body reacts.
  4. Swoll is the Goal, Size is the Prize! (goals are purely aesthetic)

Add some dbol and gain some water?
Add some tren and loose some friends? :joy:
Add some clen and kill yourself…? JKJK

@iron_yuppie @lordgains @hankthetank89 @mnben87 @wanna_be @RT_Nomad (think that covers everybody in the great CLEN debate of 2021)


Tbol or Var at the end of a Test cycle. I personally didn’t get much out of Var (could be fake too though), and have only run Tbol in for 2-3 days in a row, but I noticed strength on it (a lot more than when I was taking Var).

Next cycle I’ll probably add DHB. It is strong, doesn’t convert to E2, lower on androgenic sides, and doesn’t seem to cause shedding like Primo or Mast (and it is significantly stronger than those). Downsides are possible liver toxicity, and nasty PIP.

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What and Why!!


Thank you.

With the oral recommendations, I like those two on paper (I like Tbol on paper and in experience) because they don’t aromatize into E2. While using a good test dose, many are going to run into complications with Dbol, or Drol (Drol can causes water weight gain and gyno even though it doesn’t convert to E2).

I like those two as they are just easy to run. Sides are minor.

I will say with the Var, I am not a fan that of it being processed by the kidneys (vs most orals being processed by the liver). I think the liver is better at handling abuse, and recovers in time (kidneys don’t seem to have recovery ability).

That being said, with both the risk is minimal if dosing is reasonable. Both are kind to the hair (which is a plus if you are trying to keep it).

AAS knowledge has come a long ways since I took them ('70’s, '80’s and '90’s)

My formula was always:

  • 200mg/week Test C
  • 100mg/week Deca or other injectable anabolic at equivalent dosage
  • 20mg Dbol, or other oral anabolic at equivalent dosage

I started them all day one. For “off season” the cycle lasted 8 weeks, followed by 4 to 6 weeks off (usually 4 because I got impatient).
I suppose those are pretty low dosages by today’s standards.

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I like Var to round out a cycle. Great for me for strength. Downs are libido drop and taking a while to reach orgasm. Primo was great but hair shedding was an issue. I’ve tried NPP twice now and aborted because of mood issues, so I won’t be going to Tren ever either. HGH expensive but worth it with a good supplier, great for fat loss low doses. For me it looks like it’ll be high Test C, HGH, and var from here on out.

That was true for me as well.

Have you given Tbol a run? It is supposed to be kind to the hair follicles. Pretty mild too for sides, but that is coming only from a little bit of experience (running 2-3 days) and what I have heard. The pumps on Tbol were the craziest I have ever had (to much IMO, it was almost cramp like in the bicep).

I haven’t maybe I’ll give it a whirl. No libido issues? I don’t mind being knocked down a bit to be honest lol, the orgasm length is annoying though. I can get pharma anadrol prescribed, any experience with that? I think that’s a DHT though so I don’t think I’d touch it.

Gotta go with Var. Other than the drop in SHBG requiring daily injections, I don’t notice any side effects (besides lipids, never checked to see the impact). Strength goes up, gain about 1lbs a week eating at/just above maintenance. If not for the lipid impact I’d run it all the time

No, but I only took it three days.

Yes, but only a couple days again. I actually have a bunch of Drol too (The place sent me a double order, and their minimum qty for Drol was 100 50 mg tabs). It is kinda one of those that I ordered it, and now am not really interested.

Drol is just weird for it’s side effect profile. It is a DHT derivative, but causes water retention and in some cases gyno. I actually have heard it is really tame on the hair. It isn’t so much on the liver though.

I didn’t see a big difference in strength between Drol for 3 days, vs Tbol for 3 days. IMO, both were better for strength than Var which I ran for 6 weeks. I was running 100 mg of Var for the last week (before a PLing meet). I also like that Tbol is liver processed, a bit less money, and a bit less faked.

Maybe worth a go with it?

Seems people took that debate to heart :joy:

All in good faith here

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This was a standart mass cycle(i call them bloat-cycles tho) when i was a kid, only doses would be at least twice as high, because “urban legend” goes that stuff was much cleaner, often legit and therefore needed less. In old USSR Ocupation time, dbol could be bought in pharmacy, therefore even 10mg did good. Nowdays, 50mg would be a dose for me.

Anyways, back to the question

Depends on goals, and the goals you mentioned are too general, because size is what everyone wants, no matter if the goal is, but main question is - do you want to be just plain big no matter what or do you wanna look good.
If you want just be a big pig(not a bad thing) then yea - adding deca and dbol or anadrol would be my safest bet.
But since you asked what would we, as in - I, add to test then i will answer from experience :

1)Better than 500mgs of test is only 1g of test. If i could handle test, i would just do 1g or 2g of test. Why? Because its safe and its same test. Adding different compounds just gives you more variety of possible fuckups and then you dont know whats the problem. Just adding more and more test would just give you more gains and you know where the sides are comming from. Drawback - im e2 sensitive so i get e2 spikes even if i touch test. But if i could, i would.
So an alternative to something safe like test is - EQ…

2)My all time favourite is definetly tren. Some people get sides, i dont. I just dont get much sides from it, i get stupid strong, lean, i look grainy and veiny. Nothing works as good as tren. NOTHING.
My only advice is - stay the fck away from ace or mixes. Do Tren E. Start low, add slowly to know if you can handle sides.
I dont get agression from it - im a psycho by default so i was ready to be on a killing spree on tren, but no - just my normal, super high level of being a psycho asshole.

Super epic combo in my opinion is test/tren/stanazolol - it just amplifies what you get from tren in a simmilar way of feeling and looking, only even better. Epic strenght, lean, grainy look(if not fat of course).

  1. HGH for recovery and longevity, but i have less than a year on it, so i wont talk too much as at low doses its something like vitamins and fish oils - you think its good, you see them in bloodwork but you dont really FEEL it as much, but you take em religiously in hopes that it will pay off in 20 years.

Summary :
Safe option - test/eq… occasional var if lean enough to benefit from it.
BEST option - test/tren… occasional stanazolol if want the best combo.
Should always be used in my opinion and i regret not starting this earlier in my life - HGH.

As far as all the decas and dbols go, i just dont find bloating 20lbs extra than you actually weight being beneficial. You cant do orals long term, so no point of anadrol bloating you for 2 months just to shrink after. And deca… well, i just dont think its any better than more test, eq if you take the bloat away, and i dont think its better than lower dose of tren - but this has to be based on the feeling you get, some people say they feel like dying on tren, while i have only my warmest and love filled feelings towards the drug which i am slowly dropping only because of years of abuse and since longevity is my goal, i just wanna let my body rest from it a bit, to not take even more risks i have taken in my 20s.

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In the '70’s we could get anything in the pharmacy that was in the PDR, which Dianabol, Anavar, Anadrol, and Winstrol. I didn’t take test until 1978, which made a significant difference. I also started anabolic injectables then too.

You make a good point. Based on the number of people who actually took a look at the literature I posted, I’ll save myself some time in the future. :upside_down_face:

Good luck and take care.

Maybe I’ll give Tbol a shot next round. I have some var handy I’ll do wrapping up this blast. Thanks for the advice, I think I’ll skip the anadrol!

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Your additions are much appreciated Sir. :+1: :facepunch:

For me it would be Mast or Primo. No orals, I never had any sticky gains from them and no longer want to risk my liver. HGH has been good so far 3 weeks in.

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