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What Would Work Best


So I basically want to try several different drugs to see what works best for me. Now say I had

1250mg of Primo
2000mg of Winstrol
2000mcg of Clen
1000mg oxanabol

what would be a good cycle of the above? The mg that I have can be increased as need be. I have a basic idea of what I want to do, but I find other ideas are always helpful! Thanks


So I know I'm going to get flamed for asking such a vague question, so I expect those to follow. But for anyone wanting to help I left out a few things, sorry.
I'm 180-185lbs been training for about 4 years.
I know most would ditch the Primo for Test but I'm trying to stick with 1) Tablets and 2) low toxicity


I think that they are making Flintstone vitamins with Test now, atleast thats the word around the monkey bars.

Oh and I almost forgot...SDI Labs makes great gear in all chewable forms.


Man only if they come in fruit punch flavor, I'm not down with that gritty orange one.


2 grams of winstrol???!?? are you insane? how about adding testosterone in there? ok crazy man orals have more toxins than injectables. what are you 16? that cycle makes no sense. you cant take in over 4grams of steroids as a newbie you crazy bastard. how about you go to gnc pick up some megamen, protein, and their new sexy drug that claims to get you hyuuuuge!

i also suggest you take a trip down to your nearest barnes and noble and ask the lady at the front desk if she has Anthony Roberts book on anabolics. By the time your done reading that book you will slap yourself in the face and maybe hold off any cycles until your body has matured inside and out.


Ok so when did I say that I would be taking all of that at the same time, let alone in the same year? Also have you done any reading of your own about Primo? I never even suggested taking all of those in a cycle. Those are the ones I wanted to try. Personally I was going to do a cycle of just Primo and Winstrol.


To clear it up and make myself seem a bit less dumb, the only reason I would have that much is that you need a $200min purchase.
The origonal plan was only 30mg Primo and 30mg Oxanabol (a day for 4 weeks) but you can't order that little.


if you want to kill your sex drive than i recommend you dont take test, dont run a cycle without test. its not about what sounds the best. its about what will work the best. if you dont have test around dont start a cycle. what are your goals? what are you trying to accomplish with your cycle?


Hey thanks for some good feedback. My goal is to increase strength mainly. Some muscle gain would be nice, but I'm not looking to pack on the weight.


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I advise you be very carefull with your clen use - do not go about 150mcg per day, and only use it at that high a dose for 5 days max before tapering down.

As for Oxanabol or whatever. STAY AWAY from those internet fad drugs. They were never approved for use in humans or in animals, and most weren't even developed to the point where an application was even submitted, as there were clear problems with them. These drugs are steroids basically that have absolutely no real research behind them, so you have no idea of what they actually do or don't do, and what OTHER receptors they bind to in your body that you may not want them binding to - keep that in mind people.


I'm not 100% but I think Oxanabol is just anavar with weird name by whatever UG lab that makes it. It's not a designer steroid. But we know what you meant P;-)

Or am I the one who's wrong?


Geez man, who knows these days!

To clear up this confusion, would everyone from now on please state the drug name they are using, and not the brand name!


can anybody critique my cycle of

OT and oxandralone.

thinking of using 40mg of OT ed plus 30m of Var ED for approx 5 weeks.

ancilliary products will be used in accordance.

Sorry for the hijack.


heres a critique, dont do it! imho its not worth it.


I started my first ever cycle of 250 test-e and 350 deca. It has been three full weeks and 1 day. I don't feel anything at all. My friend says I wont for at least 6 weeks. Whats for real?


How old are you....


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Haha sorry, to clear it up it is Anavar from British Dragon


Haha not a problem, the more questions I read the more I learn.