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What Would the New 2x2x2 Look Like?

What would the new 2x2x2 setup look like? I know the new concept is revolved around principles not templates, but what is the general set-up?

Mobility/Recovery/Active recovery

(And repeat same three days). Always do recovery work day before the strength work.

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What would a sample Strength day look like?

Throws or Jumps
Deadlift 531
OHP 531
pull/push for reps

Do you add supplemental work when doing Two barbell lifts a day? Also, would pushing the prowler after that work be beneficial?

There are any number of “strength” variations so it all depends on how you long-term program the training. Remember we don’t do templates anymore, just programs so everything fits together. You can do supplemental work on some programs; but again, there are so many variations to the 2x2x2 that it’s impossible to put the exact program.

We push the Prowler as part of the conditioning work, not part of the strength work.

I understand but are in need of this new book to try to figure out how to program. I guess I will stick to one barbell lift and use the supplemental work for now.